War Conditions






All of Mankind's myriad gifts are bent to one pursuit, that pursuit which has given us so much, and taken from us so much.  Of all Man's terrible powers, of all its great endeavors, it is war that is our one true art.
~Count Ferril Baines, Lion Age 561


Warfare is inevitable, even in the Throne where ostensibly all mankind is one.  During these conflicts, mighty forges produce massive shipments of armaments, huge trains of food are rallied and great hosts are put to field.  The following systems are used to adjudicate these massive conflicts, which take place between game sessions at the direction of orders that in game commanders give to their soldiers and captains in the field.



Hope - Rewarded for winning a recent combat.  A Force that has Hope gains an additional point of Resilience and Strength for each of its Units in any remaining Conflicts this turn, as well as any Conflicts in the next turn.  If a Force gains any Despair or has any Despair when they gain Hope, they also lose the Hope.  This may not be applied multiple times.

Despair - Losing a battle will cause Despair.  Each Unit that has Despair lowers its Resilience by two.  This can be applied multiple times.  If this would drop a Unit to zero Resilience or less, then they will disband and leave the Force..

Out of Supply - A Force that is Out of Supply will lower its Strength and Resilience by one for each Chapter that it is Out of Supply, occurring immediately upon supply loss.  A Unit with zero Resilience will disband and leave the Force.  In addition to this, a Force that is Out of Supply also gains the status Fatigued.

Fatigued - A Force that is Fatigued has expended much of it’s energy performing some other task.  If a Force has this condition then they lose half of their Resilience (before other modifiers) rounded up.  In addition to this, any Force that attacks a Force that is Fatigued will gain an Edge.  Unless there is something that maintains the Fatigued Condition, such as still being Out of Supply, this is removed at the start of the next Chapter.

Below Notice - A Force that is Below Notice will not be seen in Surveillance Reports, they are simply too small to be seen travelling through large Provinces.  Any Force that is comprised of a single Unit gains this Condition.  Supply Lines always have this Condition.  Forces that are Below Notice are only able to be seen through the use of a Scout Order.

Order of Operations


Receive Levies - Units Levied will be in the form of Levy Spearmen from your home country.  These Units will begin play with the Green Trait (see Unit Traits in the Unit Types section.) Levies are drawn from Holdings, which are either granted to Knights or owned by Highborn nobility. Each Holding can provide 10 units in levies before it is depleted of that generation's fighting men. These forces can be drawn at any rate, though only once per Season, and not during the Winter. A character may choose to enter play with his forces levied, but considering he has no guarantee they will be fed and supplied, it is not always a good idea.

Gather Your Supplies - Covered in game by obtaining Writs of Supply and taking from the city’s stockpiles or by offering up commodities that they have available from their own stores.  Each Unit will require one Ration unit each Chapter to keep up it’s strength.  A Force that is not supplied enough Rations will gain the Out of Supply Condition.

Discharge Units - This is the time to discharge any units you may no longer need or desire in your force.  There are times when supplies will be low and scarce and threat of starvation and desertion are imminent.  Sometimes it is best simply to downsize your Army, and send some troops home than to see them pillage and raid and betray to survive.

Declare Orders - An Army is only as effective as the orders they are given.  A Force that does not receive Orders for the Downtime will stay and protect the Province they are in.  Every Knight ranked Knight Protector and above, who wishes to command their troops, must, before midnight Saturday night, approach the Logistics table and declare in secret a number of Orders up to their Leadership value for their Forces.  A Force that is Fatigued may not accept any other Order that would cause Fatigue.  A Force is further limited in that it may not be given the same Order twice to increase the effect of that Order, such as two Defend orders to gain two Edges when the battle occurs, etc.  The first Order is sufficient that your Force is doing all it possibly can to obey that Order.

Orders should be specific and easily understood.  If an order given is illegal, hard to understand, or made illegal by another Force, your Force will fail to perform the Order and simply remain in the Province running drills.  Some examples of good orders would be, “The Force in the ‘Kirkwald’ Province will perform an Attack Order on the enemy Force in ‘Run Valley’ Province.”  or “The smaller Force in ‘Siegstein’ Province will perform a Move Order to ‘Lower Blackmarsh’ Province.” or “The Force in ‘Avendale’ Province will perform a Defend Order in ‘Upper Blackmarsh’ Province.”  Orders will be accomplished sequentially in the Phase that they are given and performed simultaneously with the orders of every other commander who made Orders in the same Phase.  See the Orders Section for a list of available Orders.


Order 1) Move Force 1 to Province X
Order 2) Force 1 Defend

Order 1) Move Force 2 to Province Y
Order 2) Force 3 Support Force 2
Order 3) Force 2 Attack Force 1 in Province Z

In the above example, Force 1 and Force 2 would both move at the same time.  Force 1 would prepare to defend itself at the same time that Force 3 sets up to support Force 2.  And finally Force 2 performs the attack on Force 1 in Province Z.  Now, it seems that since Force 1 moved and is now in Province X, Commander B’s last Order has been made invalid so that Order does nothing.

Current Position of Army - Unexpected things can arise when issuing orders to an Army miles away.  They may be slowed by unexpected resistance, fall into an ambush, orders were unclear, or any other number of delays and inconveniences.  Messengers take time to travel between the Knight and his forces.  The captains of his forces will do the best they can but sometimes, plans don't always work out the way they were intended.  At the beginning of next game session a Staff member via messenger will reveal to the Knight which Provinces his Forces are currently located in.

Results of Any Conflicts - Conflicts arise, and they arise frequently.  If a conflict arises during the intermediate time you will be appraised of the results of such by messenger by staff at the beginning of game sometime Friday evening.  Only the forces involved in the conflict will have the results given to them at this time.  For more information on Conflicts please see the Steps of Conflict.

Surveillance Reports - Knowing your surroundings and the movement of other nearby Armies is key to victory on the field.  Moving through unscouted territory is dangerous for small and large Forces equally.  At each event, the results of your Surveillance will be delivered to you to help you make your next moves.  For more information on Surveillance Reports please see the Army Logistics section.