Unit Types


Unit Types

Unit Types

Unit Types


Every Unit of your Army has certain perks and flaws associated with it based on the type of Unit it is.  There are three main Characteristics of every type of Unit, each rated in their own way.  Along with this each Unit will have a series Traits that represent these Units' tactical strengths.  A Unit represents a group of around one hundred men or, in the case of cavalry, around fifty horses and fifty men.


Movement - This value represents how quickly this Unit is able to move during a given chapter.  Certain types of Terrain will affect different Units' Movement values.  See the Army Logistics section below for more information on Terrain.  This value is normally rated 1 to 10.

Strength - This value represents a Units' core military Strength.  There are several things that can affect the relative value of a particular Units' Strength characteristic in any given Conflict; situations, opposing forces, and weather patterns are some prime examples of this.  These values should be considered heavily before giving orders to your Army.  This value is normally rated 1 to 5.

Resilience - They say an Army is only as strong as it's constituent parts.  This value represents a Units' resilience and morale in a combat situation.  Supply and Despair are the main things that will affect this trait.  This value is normally rated 1 to 10.


(If a Unit has the same Trait multiple times, then it receives the benefit multiple times.)

Ambusher - These Units, if part of an Ambush Order, double their Strength for the Conflict after any modifiers from terrain or weather. (Additional instances of this Trait increase the multiplier by one.)

Armor - These Units will ignore the first one damage from each attack made against it.

Black Powder - These Units will cause one damage each round to the Resilience of every adjacent Unit, friend or foe, unless they also have the Black Powder Trait.

Driving - These Units will discount an Armor Trait of the enemy Unit they are attacking.

Flanking - If undefended against they will attack the nearest enemy Unit.

Fortification - These Units do not count for the sake of Victory or Defeat.  If a Force with Fortifications loses all Units except the Fortification, they are still Defeated.  These Units are also immune to the effects of Weather, Terrain, and gain no bonus or penalty from Chaos of Battle.

Ghost - These Units will never be lost or gain Despair due to Defeat in a Conflict.  This Trait is lost for any chapter that the Unit is part of a Last Stand Order or if the unit is involved in a Force Annihilation due to being unable to retreat.

Green - All freshly Levied troops begin with this trait.  These Units lower the maximum of their Strength and Resilience by one.  After winning a Conflict, this Trait is lost.

Intimidating - These Units, in addition to their normal attack, will also deal one damage to the enemy Units Resilience.  This damage bypasses Armor.

Lock-Up - If these Units do damage during their normal attack, they will lower the Strength of the enemy Unit they are attacking by one; this is cumulative with further attacks.

Rally - After their normal attack, these Units will restore one point of Resilience to the allied Unit missing the most.  If there is a tie for the most missing it will be given to the nearest one of them.

Ranged - These units will direct their attack at the enemy Unit with the lowest Resilience on the field.  If there is a tie for lowest, then it’ll be the nearest enemy Unit among them.

Selective Targeting - A Unit with this trait acts like Ranged but attack Units that have the highest Strength instead of lowest Resilience.

Siege - Will target Wall Units first if Ranged, as well as gaining double Strength after Terrain and Weather modifiers when attacking Walls.

Specialist - This Unit is comprised of ten or fewer individuals and thus does not require Food.  They must still maintain a Supply Line for various tools, components, or other things they need to complete their missions.

Stalwart - After their normal attack, these Units will restore one point of missing Resilience to themselves.

Veteran - These Units will strike first in Conflict instead of simultaneously each round.  This Trait is earned after taking part in and winning five Conflicts.

Well-Armed - These Units gain an additional point of Strength.  This Trait is earned if you give the Unit Gold equivalent to it’s Mercenary Cost for better weapons, or provide high quality materials to supply the Unit.

Well-Armored - These Units gain 2 additional points of Resilience.  This Trait is earned if you give the Unit Gold equivalent to it’s Mercenary Cost for better armor or provide high quality materials to supply the Unit.



These Units are available to all Commanders capable of Levying Forces.  These Units will gain the Cultural identity of their home nation, wherever the Holdings are that they are levied from.  Some Commanders may able to apply further bonuses to them from special abilities such as a Knight's Combat Doctrine.

Levy Spearmen (Infantry/Light)
Move:Strength: 1  Resilience: 5
Traits: Lock-Up
Mercenary Cost: 5 Gold

Skirmishers (Infantry/Light)

Cost: 100 Dark Cloaks
Move:Strength: 1  Resilience: 2
Traits: Ambushers, Ghost
Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold

Archers (Infantry/Light)
100 Bows
Move: 4  Strength: 2  Resilience: 4
Traits: Ranged, Ambushers
Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold

Heavy Infantry (Infantry/Heavy)
100 Swords, 100 Pieces of Medium Armor
Move: 3  Strength: 3  Resilience: 6
Traits: Armor, Stalwart
Mercenary Cost: 30 Gold

Auxiliaries (Cavalry/Light)
50 Riding Horses, 50 Light Spears
Move: 7  Strength: 2  Resilience: 5
Traits: Flanking, Ambushers
Mercenary Cost: 30 Gold

Cataphracts (Cavalry/Heavy)

Cost:  50 Riding Horses, 50 Pieces Heavy Armor, 50 Medium Swords
Move: 4  Strength: 4  Resilience: 8
Traits: Flanking, Armor
Mercenary Cost: 45 Gold

Wall (Fortification)
0  Strength: 1  Resilience: 7
Traits: Armor, Fortification, Ranged


Each Culture has it's own way of fighting and training it's Units, this is called Cultural Identity.  All Units in your Army gain the Cultural Identity based on the Culture they were levied from.  In addition to this, Commanders may refit units of an appropriate culture into a unique Unit.  


Cultural Advantage: "Skilled Riders" - Cavalry Units gain +1 Movement and all Capacionne Units ignore the effects of Spring Rains

Cultural Unit:
Chevaliers (Cavalry/Light)
 50 Riding Horses, 50 Light Spears
Move: 7  Strength: 2 Resilience: 5
Traits: Flanking, Rally
Mercenary Cost: 30 Gold


Cultural Advantage: "Fortune Favors the Bold" - All Move Orders act as an Attack Order upon any enemy Force they come across, even without being otherwise aware of the unit (excluding Forces Below Notice) and all Hestrali Units gain an additional one Strength when attacking.

Unique Unit: Corsairs

Corsairs (Infantry/Light)

Cost: 100 Medium Swords

Move: 4  Strength: 2  Resilience: 5

Traits: Flanking, Driving

Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold


Cultural Advantage: "Tactical Superiority" - May deliver the Reorganize Force Order for free at any time, without consuming any Orders, and all Rogalian Units come into game without the Green trait and only needing three victories to gain the Veteran Trait.

Unique Unit: Longbowmen

Longbowmen (Infantry/Light)

Cost: 100 Customized Bows

Move: 4  Str: 3  Res: 3

Traits: Ranged, Driving

Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold


Cultural Advantage: "Desert Fury" - Shariqyn Holdings take much longer to levy than normal, taking two seasons before finally arriving by ship, furthermore their forces within the Throne may be considered to be hostile by local authorities.  However, their forces are some of the finest in the world.  Since many of them are slaves, they are used to following orders, and commanders leading them treat their Leadership as if it were one higher, which can exceed 5.  Furthermore, they are used to long treks and desert heat - they can Forced March without fatiguing their forces, and are immune to the effects of Summer Heat.

Unique Unit: Horse Archers

Horse Archers (Cavalry/Light)

Cost: 50 Horses, 50 Bows

Move: 7  Str: 2  Res: 5

Traits: Ranged, Ghost

Mercenary Cost: 30 Gold


Cultural Advantage: "Highland Warriors" - Infantry Units gain +1 Movement and all Light Infantry Units gain an additional one Strength.

Unique Unit: Highlanders

Highlanders (Infantry/Light)

Cost: 100 Short Blades, 100 Small Packs

Move: 4  Str: 1  Res:  3

Traits: Ambushers, Ghost, Ranged

Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold


Cultural Advantage: "Frost Iron Warriors" - May Levy during Winter Season and all Njordic Units ignore the effects of Winter Snows including being able to traverse Mountain Passes safely.

Unique Unit: Branded

Branded (Infantry/Light)

Cost: Special.  See "Branded" Character Perk.

Move: 4  Str: 2  Res: 3

Traits: Veteran, Specialist

Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold


Cultural Advantage: "Holy Conquest" - Gothic commanders are used to taking command of combined forces in war, and thus other Commanders may perform Support Orders for free.  Additionally, Gothic commanders rapidly set up Fortifications when they make camp, and always behave as if they had one Fortification when under attack.

Unique Unit: Zealot

Zealot (Infantry/Light)

Cost: 100 Holy Symbols (Iron), 100 Lanterns, 100 Small Packs

Move: 4  Str: 1  Res: 6

Traits: Rally, Intimidating

Mercenary Cost: 15 Gold