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Plains - Movement Cost: 1

Conflict Bonus: Cavalry gain two Strength

Conflict Penalty: Unable to declare Ambush Order

Rolling Hills - Movement Cost: 1

Conflict Penalty: Unable to declare Ambush Order

Mountain Passes - Movement Cost: 3

Conflict Bonus: Units with the Ambushers Perk gain an additional multiplier to their Strength bonus, and Ranged gain one Strength

Conflict Penalty: Cavalry lose two Strength

Forest - Movement Cost: 2

Conflict Penalty: Ranged lose one Strength, Cavalry lose one Strength.

Wetlands - Movement Cost: 2

Conflict Penalty: Cavalry lose one Strength, Heavy lose one Strength.

Water - Movement Impossible; Combat may not occur without naval forces

Mountains - Movement Cost: 5

Conflict Penalty: Cavalry lose all Strength.  Skirmishers gain one Strength and one Resilience.


As the Seasons change, so too does the predominant weather patterns.  Each Season brings with it a specific penalty to certain Units.

Spring Rain - Units with Black Powder have Strength reduced to zero after other modifiers, Cavalry Units Lose one Strength

Summer Heat - Heavy Units Lose two Strength

Autumn Winds - Units with the Ranged Perk lose two Strength

Winter Snows - Mountain Passes close and Forces that have been left in Mountain Passes will Retreat.  Armies may not Levy during the Winter.  Light Units Lose one Strength and all Units are reduced to a Move of 1.


Night Malefic - The Night Malefic is a constant threat to anyone outside the walls of a city.  Any Force found outside of a city’s walls are vulnerable.  If a Force moves over a Province or stays in a Province plagued with these horrors they will gain Despair and lose a Unit at random for every chapter they are there.  There are several of these threats looming in the world and they will move randomly at the beginning of every Season.  There are even some places that are just so stained with violence and terror that they are permanently haunted with Night Malefic.  These threats are Below Notice.

Rogue Forces - These Forces are generally small and are comprised of bandits, displaced populace, and Units that have fled their home nations Forces.  They will feed off of the land, steal from the populace, and Raid other Armies Supply Lines.  Unless they are very large and powerful, it is unlikely they will ever directly face another Force straight on, unless they look weak or are outnumbered.

Non-Human Forces - Elves, Dwarves and Orcs are rarely seen outside of their native lands, and Forces of such even less so.  Orcs may be the most populace along their own border, driving raids into the lands of Capacionne when they can.  At times a tribe of them is found hiding in mountains, caves, and other dark places of the world where human settlements are non-existent.  For the most part though, these races keep to themselves and remain mysterious and unknowable.

Triumvirate Forces - Heretics, no longer Human, evil.  These followers of Kuarl, Lazarolth, and Taranthalus are the bane of Humanity and must be purged above all else.  These Forces are generally small but augmented through their dark gods unholy gifts.  Their ways are anathema, they must be stopped.