Perks and Flaws


Perks & Flaws

Perks & Flaws



Ally (1-4 Points)
Someone is indebted to you in some way, or is otherwise inclined to help you when requested. You may have saved his life or helped him out of a bad situation, or just be someone that they find value in.  Either way, the individual is inclined to help you.  The point cost of this perk relates to the relative power and availability of the individual, though the mightiest people have less time for you than more ordinary folk.

This may be purchased multiple times to purchase different allies at different point values.   Attempting to overtax your ally or other situations may damage your relationship with them, reducing or removing the Perk.

Strange and exceptional Allies may cost Glory as per "Secrets" at Staff discretion.

Ally Availability


0 points - You’ve done this person a good turn, and they’re willing to pay it back, though they won’t go out of their way for you and you certainly aren’t their friend.  Common of principled strangers.
1 point - This person considers you an asset or a friend, but you are not their priority.  They will aid you so far as they are able to, but won't compromise their own position or risk themselves for you.  Common of business associates, members of the same Order or Guild.
2 points - The individual will use their full resources to aid you, but cannot do so frequently.  They have their own lives, but you are an important part of that life, so they will assist you if they are able to.
3 points - This person is completely devoted to your character, and has undertaken to move themselves and their assets to your location in order to better achieve your mutual goals.


Ally Capability


0 points - Regardless of their desire to help you, this person is of no particular greatness. They have only meager skills in a few areas, though they still have their time and advice to give.  Common of younger family members, ordinary folk who live quiet lives, your own subordinates in your organization.
1 point - This person is about as capable as you are, at least in their own field of expertise.  Common of professionals and specialized experts, peers within your Order or Guild.
2 points - Your ally is highly capable and most likely is your superior in many ways.  Common of mentors, superiors within your organization.
3 points - This individual is of great ability, either through their own skills or through their ability to martial resources on your behalf.  This is common of high ranking clergy, powerful nobility, and other leaders.

Perks Continued, From Backing

Backing (3-5 Points)
You have the backing of a powerful organization such as an Order, a noble house, or the Church. You have an ongoing relationship with them such that, acting as their agent or working in joint progress with them, they will provide you with the financial or logistical backing to pursue their ends. The nature of this backing should be defined between yourself and the staff, but so long as this relationship is maintained and you can prove your identity, usually with written papers, perhaps a signet ring, or even your own Fame, you may draw aid from any representative of that group by performing tasks for them.  Breaking your arrangement with the group may cause you to lose this Perk.  This does not work for Trade Guilds.
For 3 points, your backers will cover your basic expenses, such as food and repairs that will happen automatically over the downtime.
For 5 points, your backers will cover the above, as well as grant you a stipend of 2 silver shields for each rank you have in their Organization, such as Degrees, Rank or Circle, to a minimum of 2 silver shields, to be used expressly to carry out your duties.  Highborn characters are treated as if they are Rank 3 in their organization, and Heirs are treated as 4.

Boon (1-7 Points)
You have some sort of advantage or beneficial circumstance that isn't represented elsewhere by other Perks.  This could be a special writ of allowance by a local power like a noble, a quirk that makes you able to function with less sleep, or something else.  The exact nature of this boon and how it works, whether it can be lost, what it costs and other details require express approval by staff, and the benefit you have in mind may not be allowable at all.

Fame (2 or 3)
You have done some great deed and the stories of your exploits have spread like wildfire among certain circles. Because of this, you have earned yourself a title that has been appended to your name, such as Mad Koenrad or Derrick the Silent. You will need to discuss the details of your reputation with staff.  Your character gains a Fame entry on the website, describing your heroic deeds with your name and picture. In a certain, specific, social arena such as sailors or knights, your good reputation would speak for you. For a reputation that has earned ill will as well as gratitude, the Infamy flaw should be taken as well, though it cannot be taken with the same group.

For 3 points, your Fame is widespread enough that it affects one entire culture, such as Gothic, Rogalian, The Clergy, etc.

Impeccable Memory (2)
You may ask a rules marshal or other player for any forgotten detail your character may have once known as an OOC question.

Professional (1)
You are a professional in a trade and have been at it long enough to have acquired tools of your craft.   You may swap out any pieces of your starting equipment for pieces that relate to your profession.

Magnetism (5)
Wherever you go, you tend to make acquaintances, friends, and allies. Either by sheer force of personality or just a friendly and gregarious nature, people you do a significant service for also have a greater tendency to feel indebted to you, and word of your deeds tends to travel a bit further.  Once per event, you may indicate a significant deed or action you have done to win over the good graces of a certain NPC or Group.  If the action is significant enough, you will be granted a permanent Perk appropriate to the characters in question - if you manage to do a truly significant service for someone, you might earn the Ally perk. If you help a large crowd or area in a visible way, you could earn the Fame perk for the affected group.

Nobody's Fool (2)
You've been lied to too often. A distrusting nature, a cool head and some common sense have given you a heightened awareness as to people's true intentions. You have one free use of Discipline against the first use of Persuade, Seduction or Sincerity against you in a scene.

Quick Healer (5)
Bones knit and cuts close faster on you than on anyone else. Your injuries, though just as painful, are never lasting.  After a good night's rest (at least 6 hours of sleep) though you remain Battered, you regain use of any Injured limbs and recover all of your effective Grit in the event you were Downed.  It also takes additional punishment in battle to leave you Maimed, requiring 5 hits to a limb instead of 3.

Quiet (3)
You have always led a solitary life, keeping mainly to yourself and sharing very little of yourself with others.  You have learned how to be self-reliant and have as little contact with others as is necessary, creating ways to allow solitude as you go about your affairs.  When others use Streetwise to attempt to track your affairs, they do so as if your own Streetwise were 2 levels higher.

Retainer (3)
You have a servant or an ally of the most loyal quality. Although he or she may not necessarily serve your every word blindly, she is steadfast and loyal.  While she has no particular Skills, your Retainer accepts you as her Leader and will grant you her assistance whenever you ask, though she is a character like any other and has to eat and may also be killed. She provides you with an additional downtime action, as if you were leading another character
This perk requires Leadership to purchase, and may be taken more than once provided the character has the necessary Skill Ranks in Leadership.
You should provide a short description of the personality of this character, your important backstory with them, and any other information staff might need to portray the character.

Slow Bleeder (3)
You are unusually healthy and resilient, and when Downed, you expire after ten minutes instead of five.

Spiritual Prodigy (5)
For as long as you can remember, your faith has been everything to you. It is one of the strong pillars that you have built your entire life upon, and it impacts every decision you make.  You may use the Prayer ability or the Willpower ability an additional time per day (though only once per scene), and when performing Priestly Rituals, you pay point with an additional finger.

Wealth (2)
Gain an additional 20 silver that can be spent in starting equipment or saved for starting silver. This can be taken multiple times.

You may wish to visit the Trade and Production Section to investigate what items you might wish to purchase.

Well-Equipped (1)
You may choose an additional starting item from your Social Classes' starting equipment list during the Equipment step.  This can be taken multiple times.  This does not function with the Highborn advantage regarding Holdings or Land Parcels.

Workhorse (1)
You are accustomed to a good, hard day's work. Every day you work, and every day you sleep, and in the morning, wake to work hard again. You may ignore Fatigue from any source other than starvation once per day.

The Spark (10)

To preserve its rarity, The Spark carries a Glory cost of 10+10 for each active character with The Spark.  The current Glory cost for The Spark is 50.

Some say this gift is given to those born under the Magus Star, others say it runs in the bloodline of powerful sorcerers. Still others say that those with the Spark have a terrible destiny chosen by God. No one is sure why or how this gift develops, but in the very blood of those with it flows the essences of greatness in the sorcerous arts. For one specific element, your body storms with a latent and irrepressible arcane energy.  You may not even know you possess this power, as its influence can be subtle.  Some enjoy its benefit living lives completely apart from the magical studies, while for others, their latent power puts them irrevocably on the course to Arcane power.

The Spark of each Element grants access to a number abilities specific to that Element.  Each one grants 5 unique powers, and any one of them may be used one time per Rest.   As well, each one grants a special aptitude for working with the actual formal spells of that Element.  For more detailed information, go here.

This gift is not without its drawbacks however. Such a person has the rapt attention of all four of the Arcane Guilds should her identity be determined, earning her a host of manipulators and enemies immediately.  A character can only ever have one Spark, and the presence of the Spark prevents them from ever using spells of the opposing Element.


1 Respected - You are seen as a forthright and earnest individual and are a pillar of the community for local peasants.  Local people listen carefully to your opinion, and take your words and wisdom seriously.  

Respected characters have many friends and admirers in their community willing to help them.  They may add their Leadership to resist Muscle actions trying to stop their activities, and may add their Leadership to Labor actions they take in extra help from people in their community lending a hand.

5 Hardy - Living off the land has made you tough and strong, and your family has been doing it for centuries. Normally, when Downed, after 5 minutes a character will bleed out and die. Instead, after five minutes, you become Battered and may regain consciousness.  Furthermore, when using your Downtime to perform a Gathering skill, Mining, Hunting, Farming and Forestry, you may take two actions of that type instead of one.  This bonus only applies to your own efforts, not those you lead with Leadership unless they, too, have this perk.

-3 Hayseed - You were born in some backwater town and don't have the head for any kind of refinement or sophistication. You may never gain the Academics or Etiquette skills.


1 Light Sleeper - It usually just means you're grouchy for the first hour of every day. You automatically awaken from any natural sleep at the slightest noise when danger approaches. Before an intrusion on you while you sleep at night, you will be woken up individually; the intruder must leave, then re-enter. You must denote that you have this perk on your door with a door-hanger or note so that the invader knows who to awaken, or it does not work.

5 Street Savvy - The dirty sprawls and bastard alleys know something and you know what it takes to make them talk. The Streetwise skill does not require a Downtime action to use. Furthermore, you automatically know when someone uses Streetwise to spy on you, and who used it.  Street Savvy also negates the benefits of the Quiet perk - you are too well connected for such things to matter.

-3 Odious: Missing teeth, layers of grime, a certain stink, maybe a weird hunch and a scratchy voice. These are some of the hallmarks of your less than trustworthy seeming. You might be a completely legitimate business man with a somewhat adventurous view of hygiene, but let’s not kid ourselves. You must costume and roleplay this flaw.


1 Entrepreneur - You can create money out of seemingly nowhere, always able to push or pull the market to make a few clink, and pull every last copper crest out of a transaction.  You gain 1 copper piece for every Skill rank on your character sheet each game session.

5 Connections - You've traveled far and wide and wherever you go, you have an old friend or acquaintance. Choose one Social Class.  Once per event, you may call upon your connections, gaining special favors by well positioned people of that class.

-3 Debt -
You are constantly in debt from various sources and are constantly short on money to pay off creditors or other collectors. Your creditors demand a regular flow of money, and if they find out you are holding out on them, this flaw can become an Enemy flaw instead. Work with the staff to determine the nature of your debt.
You begin play under a debt of 3 golden lions. If you don’t make regular payments, trouble will find you and make sure that you do. This flaw can be bought off with money instead of experience and can be taken alongside the Wealth perk.


1 Classical Education: You were raised with the best tutelage and instruction. You begin play with the following:
Basic Foci: Throne, Church, Law, Heraldry, History, Nobility, Your own House (or Church Order or other relevant organization), the Auctoritas

5 Highborn -

20 Glory

You are directly related to the ruling house of your region, and bear their surname. You were likely raised in their castle, or possibly fostered at another ruling family's keep. This gives you certain rights and privileges, such as legal immunity to and authority over all characters without this perk. A character with this perk is literally above the law except in regards to other Highborn characters. As well, few enemies who know your identity will seek to actually kill you, seeking to ransom you to your family instead. Your lands are elsewhere, but your birthright makes you above the common dirt of the peasants and lowborn. In this position, however, enemies are almost a certainty as they seek to supplant you in their schemes.

You begin play with a Signet Ring bearing your family crest, which helps to prevent forgery of your identity.  You may change out any of your Starting Equipment for two special items:  Land Parcel or Holdings.  Land Parcels are deeds to land in the Stragosa area to be claimed when you arrive, while Holdings represent land back home in which you are the lawful lord or lady.  Land Parcels can be used with the Rulership system to develop, while Holdings represent already developed and settled land back home from with you can draw soldiers for the Warfare system, to be commanded by a knight.

Njord characters who take this perk are Throne nobles of the Cold Throne, the Throne annexed part of Njordr.
Shariqyn characters who take this perk do not get the legal benefits that this perk normally grants within the Throne, but are likely to receive respect from their own people, and to a lesser degree, the nobles and people of the Throne.
Dunnick characters should not take this Perk except in very unusual circumstances; they should take the Ancestral Moorsword perk instead.

-3 Entitlement - Having been bred to power and purpose your whole life, you take your role very seriously. Whenever you see something not as it should be, the situation demands immediate correction. This could be an issue of injustice that you as a person of means could resolve, or someone doing their job incorrectly such that you cannot help but intervene. Furthermore, you cannot tolerate your authority being questioned. If anyone you consider to be a peer or your lesser questions your word, honor, or authority, you must set them in their place at once and never let them forget it. To do less is to spit upon all you stand for, and by extension the entire Throne and its Emperor.


1 Ice-Hardened: Ice water runs through your veins and the winter winds fill your sails. Gain +1 to Survival, Perception, & Stealth skills, as well as +Fortitude during the Winter season, or it happens to be damned cold outside.

3 Branded:  You are known in the North and have a strong name and reputation to uphold.  Men respect you, and will flock to you to to be a part of your legend.  Choose a name that the Northmen know you by, such as “Dogheart,” “Dead-Eye”  “Irongut” or “Coldwind”.  When tales of your newest great deeds reach the North, through new ballads being sung of you in public by Performers (or your own Performances with some impressive boasts), or rumors are spread about your accomplishments with Streetwise, a band of Branded men will make its way to you to be part of your army.

You will, however, also attract the occasional Northman who wants to kill you for your deeds, or just to embolden their name by being the one who killed you.

See the Warfare page for more information on armies.  See the Njord Cultural Packet for more information on the Branded.

5 Tough as Nails: Your enemies will find, to their dismay, that you require additional coaxing to lay down. After being downed, you may wait 30 seconds and stand back up. You are still Downed, and still bleeding to death, but you may continue to fight until you take another wound. This refreshes when you are fully healed.

-3 Thrall of the Old Gods: You were never converted to the ways of White Benalus, preferring the complex submission of the old gods of the Northlands. Your gods demand sacrifice, and you must perform a ritual sacrifice each day else be Fatigued until you complete it. An observance of your ancient rites involves ceremonial blood be spilt, chants be used, and other ritual behavior lasting at least 5 minutes. This can be done privately or publicly, the Old Gods care not which, but it must involve at least a prop of an animal to be killed, and stage blood must be visibly left on the site of your ritual as an offering to the Old Gods.

This flaw does not automatically grant Heresy 3 Depravity, as it is an act of fear rather than worship, though other supplications and prayers for aid from the Old Gods will.


1 Collected: Things never get so out of hand that you can't think straight. In an emergency situation you are at your best. You may call skill defenses when attacked from stealth, except execution attacks.

3 Veteran: You have seen all the horrors of battle and there is little left that can faze you. You live by your steel and know that you will surely one day die by it.  You are immune to any effect that would cause Fear during combat, and you do not take Despair when you lose close friends in combat.

5 Loyalty:  As a Rogalian, you know the true value of loyalty, both in yourself to those you serve, and from those who serve you.  Loyalty burns like a flame, and when you interact meaningfully with your factors, you continually rekindle that fire.

Your factors, those who wear either your standards, uniforms, crests or colors, clothes that obviously indicate their loyalty your cause, or are part of your direct Leadership tree, gain 1 Hope any time you successfully use Persuade, Seduce, Sincerity or Intimidate on them.  You are affected the same way for those that you demonstrate the same loyalty toward above yourself.

-3 Pig-Headed - You are as stubborn as they come. Life would be easier if everyone would stop arguing with you when you're right. You take vocal offense whenever anyone violates your Devotion, not just you, and will immediately seek to intervene. Furthermore, you may not even attempt to act against your Devotion or Honor Code under any circumstances. You simply aren’t capable of that kind of flexibility.


1 Humorless: You never crack a smile or make a joke, even in good company. You gain one free use of Discipline in any social encounter. A stern rebuke and possibly a lecture shall be the only reward for guile aimed at you.

3 Pious - Your faith in the Lord is the strong pillar that you have built your life upon, and you never falter or shake in your convictions. As a result, you feel blessed that the Lord answers your call when you pray for assistance. When using the Prayer ability, your Faith is considered one higher than normal. You must show your humility by wearing a hood or other head covering.

5 Gnosis:  There are unsounded spiritual depths to you.  Your soul has been hammered strong by faith, and there is a unity of purpose with the personal and the divine.  No man can say where you stop and the absolute begins; not even you.

You are treated as if you are both Faith in Higher Power and Faith in Self, and have both the Willpower and the Prayer abilities, able to use both once per day.  For the purposes of rituals, you are considered Faith in Higher Power.  For abilities that cause you to have an extra use of one of these abilities, they grant a single extra use of either, not to both sides.

-3 Bigoted: You cannot suffer people who don’t see the world as you do. Godless heathens, people of opposite Devotion, those who don’t attend regular Church services, even foreigners and their backwards ways make your gut ache and your jaw set. When another character’s ways are very different from those you hold to be right, you must spend Discipline to resist the urge to shun or verbally debase them at each opportunity.


1 Natural Linguist: Your interactions with a variety of cultures and people have left you with a knack for language. You begin play being able to speak Rogalian, Dunna, Hestron, Cappacian, Gothic, Njor and Shariq'a.  Other languages you may learn through Instruction at no cost by spending a Downtime action with your teacher.

3 Caravanserai:  Travelers from the East need safe, reliable places to sell their wares and make their profits to continue their journeys, and you are that safe place.  You are an insider in a Shariqyn trading cartel, and you have access to their trade routes and networks as a partner, able to bring in exotic goods such as spices, silks, cosmetics, and books.

You may place an order at a time with a trading caravan of any amount of exotic goods at favorable rate.  Your goods will arrive one Season later, though there is a 20% chance of some misfortune occurring and the entire order being lost.  Afterall, the Throne is a place of misfortune to the people of the desert.

5 Magical Wonder: You are in possession of a strange magical artifact uncovered from the shifting desert sands. Its effects are not mighty, but its small magics may come in handy. Work with the staff to create a magical trinket to enter play with.

-3 Outspoken Heathen: Most Shariqyn are barely tolerated within the Throne because of their religious and cultural differences. You refuse to allow anyone to speak poorly of your people or your ways, and will speak up against any such disrespect and demand satisfaction before you relent. After all, it is they in the West that are truly the unwashed barbarians.


1 Hard Drinker: Your body is used to at least a little poison coursing through your veins. You put it through too much torment on a regular basis to be overthrown by some cutter's plant paste on a blade. Your Grit is considered to be 2 higher when considering the effects of drugs, poisons, and alcohol.

3 Oral Tradition: You grew up your whole life hearing stories and legends of great heroes, epic wars, mysterious creatures, and other esoterica, and you’re able to pass that knowledge on to others with the stories you’ve been hearing since you were a wee child.  

Once per day you may ask a Storyteller a single question from any Lore, and get the answer because you heard it in a story.  You can share the information others only if you continue the tradition and tell it to others as a story you make up OOC that includes the answer provided.

5 Ancestral Moorsword: You are in possession of the sword of your father’s fathers. Its beautiful designs show the heritage of your family line back to the beginning of your clan, and you are its heir. The sword itself is as much a symbol as a weapon, and those that still bear one are the closest thing the shattered Dunnick culture has to Highborn. You begin play with a steel Masterwork greatsword, and are treated with great respect by others of your culture, especially your own clan.

-3 Harsh Temper - You have a tendency to fly off the handle and it takes very little for you to become combative and belligerent. Classically, you will talk back to people that oppose you, throw the first punch, or otherwise behave in an overly aggressive manner whether or not the situation calls for it. When treated with aggression you always must respond more aggressively.


1 Trade Guild Amici: You have a good working relationship with the international Hestrali Merchant Guild.  While ordinarily the Merchant Guild deals in very large bulk orders and special contracts, for you, they make an exception.  You can call a local agent of the Merchant Guild to come visit you for trade, and barter or sell goods with them, which they will generally buy at fairly standard rates in order to sell elsewhere in the world by caravan or ship.  You can also place orders for items that are difficult to find in your area, even strange items, though not so-called "Exotics" like silk and spices.  They may also be able to give you news of the goings on throughout the Throne in politics, war, trade and otherwise.

3 In Flagrante:  Your passions are who you are, and they steer you always.  You love them, you hate them, you trust them, you are them.  Sometimes you just let yourself go to your fiery Hestrali blood, and devils take whoever or whatever gets in your way.  If you have an obvious and loud emotional outburst, followed by wild gesticulations and ranting and raving, some of it in Hestron and whatever else flies from your tongue, any Sins of 2 or lower cause no Depravity, as you are too worked up to be thinking straight.  When you come back to your senses, it seems obvious why you did those things - afterall, he insulted your mother, what else were you supposed to do?

5 Daredevil: High risks awaken your blood and you feel truly alive when attempting anything out of reach. In any situation where you stand alone grossly outmatched or attempting something no sane person would ever attempt you behave as if your Devotion was active.

-3 Vendetta: You are the inheritor of the famous Hestralian passion, and it sometimes gets the better of you.  You cannot stand to be upstaged, put down, or otherwise made to lose a competitive contest.  It boils your blood to think that someone is underestimating you, and you will do anything you can to set the record straight, in elaborate and explosive display, if need be.  If you are upstaged or publicly lose face because of another, that person becomes your Vendetta.  Any time you have an opportunity to act against that person and don't take it, you gain Despair.  Your acts against them should be in the same arena you were bested in, physical, social or otherwise, though you can always escalate.  This person remains your Vendetta until someone else becomes your Vendetta, even if you have already proven your superiority over them.


1 Silver Tongue: People just can't say no to you. You know how to guilt trip, play character weaknesses, and fabricate believable stories in your favor. You may use two social skills when attempting to manipulate someone (not the same skill) , and they must counter both or concede to your wiles. Use both hands to gesture for the social skills, such as a carrot and stick argument using Seduce and Intimidate or a rational reason they should accept your lies as truth, Persuade and Sincerity. They must answer with two appropriate counters or concede the point.

3 Elitist:  People can be so tiresome sometimes, and you just really can’t be bothered to explain how to live to everyone who could benefit from it.  You may snub someone by issuing a dismissive gesture at someone and an audible “ugh!” noise.  Until you interact with them again, you may simply ignore them and are immune to any uses of Persuade, Sincerity, Intimidate or Seduce that they may use on you.  You may use this as often as you wish.

5 Pistolier: Your country’s favorable trade with the Dwarves has resulted in the human invention of the pistol, and their design and workmanship is centralized in your lands, making them slightly less prohibitively expensive. You have your hands on one such weapon, and may begin play with a pistol and three shots worth of black powder.  You also have a contact that you can create orders for more black powder and shot, able to purchase it for one silver piece per use.  Orders arrive the next event provided there is normal trade access to the city.

-3 Fop - What's the point of life if not to enjoy it? If you happen to get yourself noticeably dirty, you gain Despair.




Traits have both a positive and a negative element, and thus neither grant or cost experience.

Your presence is offensive to the senses. One or more qualities (be they physical or otherwise) unsettles and repulses others, both to your advantage and disadvantage.  You may only ever use the Seduce or Persuade skills to counter those skills, but your Intimidate uses gain Power.

Alcohol is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. You use it to escape the shambles that have become your life and you feel more in control when you've washed away your worries with drink.  When you are not intoxicated, you cannot gain Hope from any source, however, every drink you take gives you 1 Hope as you finish it.

You're the best you've ever seen and that's done more for you than simply put a swagger in your step. Whether or not you can afford such hubris is up for debate.
You are totally Immune to Fear until you find yourself in combat with no remaining Defensive Calls, at which point you immediately succumb to Fear and cannot spend Discipline to ignore it.

Foolish Heart
You are a romantic figure, torn between two deep passions. You possess 2 possibly conflicting devotions. Should both Devotions trigger at once, you may not stack the bonuses. However, the penalties can still stack and should either offer penalties you cannot receive a bonus from the other due to the inner conflict.

Death Wish
You are the grim husk of a man. It is arguable that you have nothing to wish for, because you are already dead. You are immune to Fear effects and the Intimidate skill but you cannot flee or exit any unwanted combat situation you become engaged in. No combat is unwanted.

Finesse Fighter
You have dexterous, quick hands which are built for small, precise movements.   You are a natural with Light Weapons and you learn the skill for 2 less experience points every level (though your natural ability cannot be further improved with any form of Instruction), but you have no talent at all for Medium or Heavy Weapons, and may never learn those skills.

Heavy Handed
You don't know your own strength. You've never learned control and handing you something delicate is an invitation for you to break it. You are a natural with Heavy Weapons, learning each rank of the skill for 2 less experience points every level (though your natural talent cannot be further improved with Instruction of any kind). However, your ham-fisted approach doesn't lend itself well to much else; you can't get the hang of Light or Medium Weapons and may never learn those skills.

You are an ex-member of a distinguished guild or organization. You possess many of their secrets but have none of their support. As a wizard or a priest, you may not increase your Rank or Circle, or purchase any new abilities, but you no longer possess the Beholden portion of your station. As a knight, you cannot gain any new or replacement equipment and cannot levy forces. The repercussions portion of your Beholden flaw becomes active.



Flaws intro



There is no specific numerical limit to the amount of Flaws you take.  However, if the flaws taken seem to not make sense for the character, or cause the character to be unplayable or nearly unplayable, whether because of the difficulty of playing such a character or because the character should be or will soon be dead, Staff reserves the right to refuse the Flaws or the character concept.

Most characters choose to take between 15 and 25 points of Flaws to help flesh out their character and become involved in the game world, but feel free to take more or less as fits your specific concept.

flaws cont

Beholden (1 to 3)
You are beholden to another character or organization.  It could be that this character is someone to whom you owe a great deal, or holds an emotional significance to you like a family member.  It could also be that this debt is professional in nature, or even comes in the form of blackmail or another form of coercion.  When they ask, however, you feel the need to do as they ask. Depending on the points that this flaw is taken for, the consequences for refusing the requests of those you are beholden to increase.  The listed consequence occurs if your character is not able to fulfill the request the same event that they receive it.

  • For 1 Point, the relationship is personal.  If she fails to meet the needs of the request, she feels intense guilt and gains Despair.
  • For 2 Points, the relationship is professional and regarding held commitments.  If she fails to meet the request, she may lose other Perks such as Backing or Ally or the gaining of new flaws like Enemy or Debt.
  • For 3 Points the relationship is critical.  If she fails to meet these requests, it could result in the Enemy flaw or serious backlash and revenge.

In order to take this flaw at a given value, the characters or organization you are beholden to must be capable of delivering on the consequences, and so most likely are serious people with serious requests.

This Flaw can only be taken 3 times, excluding those gained from joining Organizations.

Corpse in the Closet (1 or 3)
You have a secret that you do not want anyone to ever find out about. Maybe you were responsible for a tragedy, involved in the murder of a friend's father, or once worshiped one of the Triumvirate. By taking this flaw it means that while whatever it is remains basically secret, it was not a perfect crime and there are witnesses, conspirators or other lingering evidence that a dedicated person might still discover if they really looked into it, and thus, you are more at risk of it being brought up. For this flaw to be effective, the secret must be something that will cause you serious hardship should it be found out. For 1 point, your close companions would consider parting ways with you. For 3 points, there would be no choice but to ostracize or kill you.

Craven (4)
You are a unused to danger, or perhaps a little too used to it, and when danger arrives, you look out for number one. You will never willingly enter a combat situation and must attempt to exit immediately if you find yourself in one, and you must spend a Discipline to attempt to enter an area or circumstance that might have other dangers or participate in combat. If you do join a dangerous situation, you are automatically Afraid, but can spend Discipline to resist it.

Cursed (1-3)
Something horrible afflicts your character, some lasting ailment or malady that the character perhaps acquired through previous events or possibly was born with, some flaw passed through the blood or perhaps on your entire lineage. The details and severity of this affliction are variable in nature, though there may be further repercussions than just the curse itself as people's reactions to one bedeviled can vary wildly. Alternately, you can use this flaw to describe some other severe defect with your character not covered elsewhere by another flaw.
A 1 point Curse is something that is a serious inconvenience to you, and may occasionally prove dangerous.
A 2 point Curse is something that is a serious defect of your character, and might frequently put you in peril.
A 3 point Curse is anything that is critically the matter with your character, having a high likelihood to be the way your character ends their sad story.

Staff reserves the right to deny or revise any suggested Curse flaw, based on its practicality or other factors, and may suggest a similar, existing flaw instead.

Dainty (3)
You are not one for rough treatment and hard work. Taking a hit to any of your limbs is enough to Down you. If you have the Pain Tolerance ability, you still remain conscious but you are too overcome by pain to take any actions other than speaking, moaning and screaming.

Dirt Poor (3)
Perhaps you are down on your luck, or never had any to begin with. You may also begin the game as a captive or in some other dire circumstance, but in either case you lack all but the most basic property. You begin the game with no items, equipment or property and no starting money save the clothes on your back. You cannot take this flaw if you purchase a Character Perk for joining an Organization such as Knighthood.

Dirt Poor still allows you to take perks that give a special piece of equipment such as Well-Equipped, Pistolier or Ancestral Moorsword, but you may not take Wealth with this flaw.

Enemy (1-9 Points)
Some dangerous or powerful person or group has made it their business to destroy you.  Like the Duty Flaw above, the Enemy flaw is built out of multiple parts which indicate the resources and intentions of your enemy.  Choose one selection from each of the 3 lists to derive the point value of your Enemy.
This flaw may be taken a maximum of 3 times, regardless of the value.  If you are able to defeat your enemy completely, the flaw is removed from your sheet without cost.

If your Enemy is a witch, a heretic, a monster or some other kind of purely antagonistic character, the Flaw is worth 1 less point than normal, as almost every other character would be willing to help you with your problem to benefit their own safety.

Enemy Intentions


0 pts - This person wants you to suffer.  They will attempt to take from you the things you love, and try to bring pain and loss upon you in whatever way they can.  They will be satisfied if you are bereft, alone, and weak, but only so long as you stay that way.  Common of long time rivals, feuding noble houses, jilted lovers.
+1 pt - This person wants to destroy you, but slowly.  They prefer to work upon the edges of your safety and security, turn people against you, make you helpless and afraid.  Then they'll kill you.   Common of hated foes, magicians, betrayed friends.
+2 pts - This person wants your head.  You've earned their enmity to the point that they really want to see you dead, gone, forever dealt with, and while they may inconvenience your friends and allies on their way to you, they won't usually actively act against your allies if they have a different option.  Common of vengeful victims and hired killers.
+3 pts - To them you are anathema.  You and everyone you have ever loved must die if the world is ever truly going to be cleansed of the taint you bring with you.  Common of grieving parents, witches, and inquisitors.


Enemy Power


0 pts - This person is about as strong as you are in their personal power.  They are not likely to want to face you head on without support, some preparation, or a trick up their sleeve that they'll have to work to set up.  Common of trod upon peasants or wronged merchants, members of your own organization.
+1 pts - This person is quite capable.  They're dangerous in combat and shouldn't be underestimated.  They carry weaponry, or perhaps are a weapon, perhaps with some small amount of arcane or supernatural power.  Common of soldiers, priests, magicians.
+2 pts - This person is very dangerous, and you probably are not their first or their last victim.  They know where and when to strike, and are generally more than a match for even competent fighters who are unprepared for what they are dealing with.  Common of assassins, heretics, supernatural creatures, swordmasters.
+3 pts - This person is more powerful than you can imagine.  They smile when they're cornered, for they do not believe mortal men can kill them.  They might be right.  Common of Kuarlites, Fallen Paladins, powerful supernatural creatures like Vampires, master wizards, and some of the most elite killers in the Throne.


Enemy Influence


0 pts - This person can only really come at you with what they personally bring to the table.  They have no support structure and must pursue your ruin personally if anything is going to get done.
1 pt - This person has friends, perhaps a family or a gang, who share their intentions, or maybe money enough to hire such people, and these are of slightly less power than the enemy themselves.  You may get cornered in a dark alley by people you don't know, coming to "teach you a lesson from ___."  Common of merchants, criminals, knights.
2 pts - This person's words carry weight.  They may have a significant following or an organization that they can use to oppose you, and it is possible that their position and status in society protects them from your direct retaliation.  They could have eyes on you that you are unaware of and move in ways you won't understand until it is too late.  Common of noblemen, priests, magicians, cultists.
3 pts - This person can move mountains with a penstroke.  They have access to money, status, armies, or other great resources to bring to bear to oppose you in ways that you will have to be clever to escape.  Common of mighty nobles, master magicians, cardinals, grand master knights, shady masterminds.

Flaws Cont

Hedonist (4)
Be it through curiosity or some black attraction, you are at one with the dark side of your soul and feel entitled to all the temptations that others normally deny. You must spend Discipline to avoid indulging in any of the level 1 Sins when the opportunity arises.

Honor Code (1-5)
The character is honor sworn to a specific set of principles or rules.  You determine a number of “Always” or “Never” statements with no qualifiers such as "unless or" "except when" about your character’s personal ethics.  Each tenet should also be "above and beyond" what a normal person would already do.  For instance, "Never eat human flesh" would not be acceptable because most people would not do that anyway, whereas "Never eat meat" would be entirely suitable.  Violating these precepts works exactly as if you were violating your Devotion. For each point this flaw awards, 2 tenants are required.

Note that Honor Code often requires some additional discussion during character creation, so allow some extra time to make sure that the tenets of this flaw are acceptable.

Infamy (2 or 3)
You have done some terrible misdeed and the stories of your actions have followed you into certain circles. A title has been added to your name as well, such as Cain the Butcher or Black Bertrand. You will need to discuss the details of your reputation with staff. An entry on the website explaining your dastardly deeds.   In a certain specific social arena such as criminals or Paladins, your tarnished reputation will make trouble for you. Some things are misdeeds to some and a boon to others. If appropriate, you may take the Fame perk along side this flaw, though it cannot be taken with the same group.

For 3 points, your Infamy is widespread enough that it affects one entire culture, such as Gothic, Rogalian, The Clergy, etc.

Memorable (1)
Your bombastic personality, your exaggerated dress, or some other feature about you makes you impossible to forget. Anyone performing a Streetwise action to follow someone’s actions will also learn of your actions, whether they asked for it or not, and any actual investigation into your background and associations is one step easier.

Naive (3)
You're very trusting of people. It's adorable. You may never counter a use of Sincerity used on you. Furthermore, when someone uses the Sincerity skill on you, you also believe that what they are saying is actually true as if they had used Persuade.

Old Wounds (2, 4 or 6)
You bear the old scars of previous conflict, having some injury from a previous encounter that haunts you to this day. You begin play with a Maim effect. This can be purchased multiple times, but more severe maims on a body part supersede and include more mild ones. For instance, if one cannot walk because of crippled legs, they also cannot run and cannot jump.
2 points. You have a Mild Maim, such as a trick knee, or a weak grip that causes you to drop things more easily, persistent headaches, or hearing loss.
4 points. You have a Severe Maim, such as the inability to run, or missing fingers on a hand.
6 points. You have a Crippling Maim, such as being unable to walk, or a missing hand, or have been blinded.

One Eyed Jack (4)
You are blind in one eye and lack depth perception. A visibility blocking eye-patch is required at all times as part of your costume.

One Foot in the Grave (7)
Your character is dying. Unless by some miracle, your character will die within one year.

Pure of Heart (5)
There is great virtue in you, and when you fail to live up to it, it is you who is harmed most of all.  Whenever you gain at least one new Depravity from committing a sin, you gain Despair.

Sick in the Head (3 or 5)
3 points. Your character has some severe trauma in their life that has driven them mad. The character begins play with a Severe Insanity. This Insanity can be suppressed with Discipline and can aggravate to more severe levels but may never be recovered from past the point of a Severe Insanity.
5 points. Your character's mind is so different, or they have become so unhinged from normal processes that she is fundamentally and irrevocably insane. The character begins play with a Crippling Insanity, which as above, can never be recovered from by normal means.

Stranger (2)
You are new to this land, or perhaps just have always stuck with your own kind.  You only speak the language of your home country, and no others.  While most people speak Gothic as a sort of international language, you never learned, and thus, you may only speak with people who speak your native tongue.

Gothic and Simple characters may not take this flaw.

Vainglorious (2)
Everyone loves it when their egos are stroked; you just like it much, much more.
You may not counter any use of Sincerity, Seduction or Persuasion while being complimented.

Ward (3 or 5)
You have someone who you are responsible for.  This may be a family member, such as children or a spouse, or it may simply be someone you have taken pity upon or are sworn to protect.  Wards can get caught up in your affairs, and might be the targets of your enemies.  Your wards are emotionally important to your character, and if something tragic happened to them, you would be devastated, causing you Despair for each individual you failed.  The Despair granted in this way is especially tragic, each one only able to be recovered from through a major personal victory relating to your Devotion.  Many people who lose their Wards find a new Devotion in revenge for those they lost.

You spend time with your wards frequently over the Downtime periods, and learning about your actions with Streetwise will indicate the identity and location of your Wards to the one who investigated you.
If you have a single individual as your Ward, this flaw is worth 3 points.  If you have several such people, like a family, this flaw is worth 5 points and must include at least 3 people.  It is possible that your Ward may also be involved with another perk or flaw, such as a Beholden.  Wards require that you feed them, or they may eventually starve.

Wicked (2)
You've done things in your life that some wouldn't agree with. Moreover, you've done things that most would curse you for; and you don't especially care. For each level of this flaw, your character begins with 1 Depravity in the sin of your choice for which the character is completely uninterested in forgiveness for.  These points of Depravity cannot be atoned for without buying off the flaw. This can be taken more than once.

You may not take this Flaw such that it forces you to enter play above your Morality threshold and be already gaining Insanities.

Wyrd Loathing (5)
You know in your bones that magic is terrible and wrong; whether it is because wizards killed the prophet, Holy Benalus, or because of the terrible world-warping effects of magical misuse, or that magicians with their towering egos go mad and become a threat to the world and humanity, you hate magic and those who use it.  You will not willingly work alongside a magician, accept magic being cast upon you, and if beneficial enchantments do get cast upon you, you gain Despair.  You also gain Despair if you knowingly use any Wyrd object, touched and tainted by wicked sorceries.