Patch 1.15

Patch 1.15

Character Creation

– The Gutter social class is now called “Scum” instead of Gutter. This is to make them easier to talk about as saying “that guy is a gutter” is grammatically strange. Now you can say “That guy is Hestrali scum.”
– Every Culture now has a 3 point Perk. Anyone of the appropriate culture will have an opportunity to buy these Perks now for their existing character (xp debt allowed if necessary).

Combat and Armaments

– Increased the strictness of OOC Materials used for Armor. There is no longer accommodation for very cool looking Polyurethane plate to be treated as Heavy Armor any kind of lightweight aluminum chain. The “Lightweight” masterwork quality remains a way to use such light material armors as the quality they appear to be out of game. IC, such armors are considered to be made of very thin or lower quality metals.
– Gothic no longer allows homemade LARP Arrows. We will now only accept manufactured arrows as it is too difficult to regulate the safety of homemade arrows.


– Redoubt of Faith now gives 1 free use of Steady against Sunder, the page tearing instead of the shield.
-Redoubt of Faith, Weapon of the Dawn, and several other rituals that bless an object that can be then handed off, now require the beneficiary to be present and involved in the ritual in some way so that their Faith can be taken into account for the ritual.

Items and Trade

– Exotic Goods are now listed on the Trade and Production page. Such goods have been technically available for some time, but were not all listed. The class of Exotic Goods is now important to the new Shariqyn perk.
Characters who had a Friend Indeed specifically about getting them exotic goods will have their perk replaced by the Caravanserai perk at no net cost.
– Noted that Anesthetic quality makes the user immune to Pain.


– The Mobility Valor Skill now grants all units +2 Speed.
– The Speed of all military units has been increased across the board, effective immediately. The increase is +2 or more, effectively doubling or better the speed of all units.
– “Stunning” removed as a Perk from Warfare as no unit used it.
– As a policy note more than a rules change, an Aid will now attend Warfare meetings. Commanders can explain their orders in plain speech and the Aid will translate them into specific military orders, reading them back or taking confirmation as necessary, or notifying the Commanders of potential conflicts in orders, double checking when given confusing instruction, etc. This extra layer of abstraction is intended to shift the focus to the strategy discussion itself rather than specific order formatting.
– Njord cultural unit changed from Berserkers to Branded, a small band of veterans.


– Heavenly Form buffed, now lasts 30 seconds per Empyria up from 10, and bonus weapon Power increased to + Faith instead of a flat 1.

Skills and Attributes

– The Insight ability at Intellect (oo) “Smart”, has been adjusted to work when watching the result of anyone’s landed social calls, not just your own.
– Grit now has a new functionality, allowing individuals with Grit to fight on and ignore wounds or even Downed status for a short time before falling. This allows a “Grit Type” fighter to be a viable concept, as before it would not affect the outcome of a fight toward win or loss.
– Streetwise to find people during event now has 2 settings, “Invitation” and “Confrontation.” Using Streetwise to make contact with friendly or known characters the user might choose Invitation, at which point they can proceed to the tavern and get back into character. Characters who accept the invitation to meet will show up to the Tavern asap. A confrontation will be run as a scene, finding the Streetwise target wherever they are in the city and in whatever situation and terms. This is intended to reduce the OOC wait time for SW requests.
– Streetwise during Downtime now has an additional find at level 2, indicating the subject’s personality related Perks and Flaws such as Bigot, Magnetism, Vendetta, Pure of Heart, etc.


– Oath of Vengeance moved from 2nd Degree to 1st.
– Oath of Questing removed from the game. All knights now have what was previous Oath of Questing’s bonus, which is a riding horse and headquarters ravens. Those who had purchased Oath of Questing may choose a new Oath to replace it.
– Oath of Triumph now has a very clear process of what qualifies and how one claims a triumph. The secondary effect of Triumph (being able to be in social situations) has been removed.
– Oath of Investiture now notes that you must actually have the thing you are teaching. Knights with an Attribute locked Valor Skill may teach their Attribute at 1 instead of their Skill at 1 (which grants the Skill also)


– Two new Basic Techniques were added – Epistolic Lens and Thaumaturgics. The first provides a way to “debug” your failed magical effects to better understand what went wrong, the second allows magicians to create small no-mechanics spells for simple things without fully channeling.


– Clarified that a Trade Route breaks when an order is unexpectedly unfilled, so that it doesn’t automatically break every winter when the pass closes.


General cleanup and clarification of various language without changing specific rules, such as mentioning the color of survival tags in the Survival skill rules.

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