Patch 1.14

Hail, my champions.
Patch 1.14
This patch deals primarily with Academics and Foci. The entirely open-ended system of Foci, while creative and fun, had grown to the point of being no longer sustainable by Staff because of the sheer number of proposals of custom powers and also the overall confusion of how to write an acceptable focus, causing us to reject almost all proposals multiple times before one could be settled on.
The workload of that had literally come to the point where it was harmful to other aspects of the game because of the resource needs to maintain it. Furthermore, as much as we tried to avoid it, some foci were just better than others, and it was difficult to settle on common standards.
The new system is created to make Foci more fair and more interesting, and also turn the Academics skill into a much more interesting, interactive and ultimately roleplay encouraging skill. Academics now functions much like a “knowledge crafting” skill, using arts and sciences and applying them to existing skills by doing actual experimentation and roleplay sharing knowledge amongst multiple characters. We think that overall this will be a better, fairer, and more fun system for everyone.
See for details. Please forgive the bad formatting, as that is still being cleaned up.
Invention is somewhat related to this change, and also was redone in light of the new shape of Academics, which itself now feels like “Invention-lite”
– Academics and Foci got a major overhaul.
–All Foci now draw from a closed, finite list.
–All Basic Foci are now Lore Foci and are informational in nature.
–Foci that do something are now always Advanced.
–Academics 3 now allows you to gain Basic Foci for 0 xp.
–A system for how to facilitate the implementation of Advanced Foci is now gained at Academics 4.
–Academics 5 now gives you your own “teaching” bonus for the Academics 4 process.
Information relating to the changeover to the new system will be coming to each affected person directly, so please be patient.
In general, almost all of the existing Foci before this patch were basic skill foci, and nearly all of them have been upgraded and converted to an Advanced Focus. If you had the basic version of it before, you are grandfathered into its new analogue, although its mechanics will almost certainly have changed somewhat.
Some foci went away totally because they were inappropriate in the new system. There are very few of these, but there are some. Once again, you will be notified of how you are affected by the changes.
– Invention now works a bit differently, see write up for details.
– Clarified the building requirements on Systems in Mechanics
– Finesse 1 now allows you to hide items in hidden caches.
– Doubletalk now specifies that the information you doubletalk should be simple and concise.
– Ridicule now allows you to possibly counter-ridicule, if you can continue to one-up your social opponent.
– The amount of Herbs you can simultaneously Cultivate with Herbalism 4 is now capped at 5.
– Shields 5 Block now stops Melee attacks as well, making it significantly more powerful.
– Mentioned in a previous patch but never added to the site by accident, Purgers confer Fatigue upon those that take them.
– Draft Horses now properly list their upper useful limit of 3 per Farming action.
-Clarified what happens mechanically if you are cast out of your Order.
-Changed the Iron Oath that you also swear to honor and maintain your Knight’s sword as a symbol of office. (grandfathered in temporarily for those who have already done something bad to your sword)
–Clarified how Non-Combatants (OOC injured people) are handled in the Code of Conduct.
Direct questions related to the patch can be sent to the forums

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