Patch 1.13b


-Brawl can now “Blackout” characters if they would otherwise Stun them 3 times in a combat.
-Every Combat Skill has gained a new ability. This ability sits at Level 4, the same level “Learn Advanced Maneuvers” is at, to make those levels feel better to buy when you haven’t learned any Advanced Maneuvers yet.
–Light Weapons gain “Backstab”
–Heavy Weapons gain “Momentum”
–Medium Weapons “Beat” ability moved to 4. Level 5 is now “Riposte”
–Firearms gains “Perfected Maintenance”
–Archery gains “Snipe

-War Magic cannot be fired over Range 5. Other spells still can the same as always.

-Knights got a TOTAL REBOOT. for full details.
-Current knight characters, or those that are submitting new Knight characters, should refactor their existing characters in line with the new abilities.
-Knight Degrees no longer cost any points. Instead, you become eligible for promotion after taking a certain number of Oaths. Points spent on Knight Degrees may be refunded and taken as Oaths.

-Any character with access to troops (that is to say Holdings, in -most cases) can now use their Leadership skill to give orders in Warfare. Knights still have tools to make them superior at it, but they are not required.
-Liturgy Special ability and Performance special ability have been changed.
-Gothic armies have a different special ability now – Gothic troops may be Supported as a “free order” by other commanders, and they always benefit from 1 Fortification when defending.
-Shariqyn troops now have essentially a “Flaw” that spells out the difficulty in getting Shariqyn troops to the Stragosa region from distant Sha’ra, but in exchange, they receive an additional advantage – Commanders of Shariqyn troops treat their Leadership as 1 higher than normal (including a possibility of Leadership 6)

-Clarified that Priests who are nobles give up their legal authority as nobles when they join the clergy, though keep their ordinary “familial” status.
-Clarified that clergy take new names in Aldersabin when they join the church.
-Clarified on the Creation page that Shariqyn do not pay Glory to begin play as an Aa’boran Magus.
-Priests no longer pay for Rank increases. Instead they must buy a certain number of Rituals to be eligible for promotion.
-Existing payments made for Priest rank will be refunded.

Character Creation:
-Reduced the cost of “Heir Apparent” from 6 to 3 xp. Explained the rewards of successfully inheriting and becoming “Head of House”
-Added a new Perk called “Greater Nobility” which handles the cases of noble houses that are of greater status than other noble houses, and may possibly demand fealty of other noble characters in game. This carries a Glory cost, and is incompatible with Heir Apparent.

– Mansions have been removed from Rulership. Instead, a building called “Ward” as in a district of town, has been added. This has different build requirements than a Mansion did, and it enables the entire ring of modern cabins at the site, so can be built a maximum of two times.
– Population no longer automatically raises filth as a meta rule. Instead, an equivalent amount is generated by Housing and Hovels. This allows the filth generated to do so in the districts that have the population.
– Sewers now permanently improve the filth ratio of housing.
– Trade Route cost reduced, clarified.
– City Moods are now listed on the Rulership page. The Respected Perk may add moods of their choice, while otherwise all Virtue and Vice spends cause the effects.

As always, if you are negatively affected by a rules change, we permit relevant experience points to be adjusted elsewhere. If you have detailed questions, especially about the new Knight details, please direct those questions to the forums. Simple clarification questions can be asked here.

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