Patch 1.13a

Patch 1.13a

This is the first part of the new patch. I wanted to get some of this out earlier because I know people are working on characters and I want to make sure some important changes got out earlier. I will try to get the rest of the things I want to patch out as soon as possible.

Combat Rules
– Subduing Weapons reworked to be easier system-wise
– “Subdue” effect removed from calls in combat section
– Added “Blackout” to calls in combat section
– Subduing Weapons reworked to be closer to Brawl in rules, delivering Pain when they hit.
– In order to reduce system complexity and number of unique calls, Beat, Cleave, Slice, and Skewer all have been reworked to use one single call called “Strike” which is essentially “You just got hit”. The different abilities deliver that call under different circumstances.
– “Strike” and its details added to the calls in the combat section
– Fixed confusing language regarding Armor coverage. Armor only protects the area that it covers physically.

Character Creation
– “Noble” Social Class renamed to “Gentry” in order to reduce confusion between the social class and characters with the Highborn perk.
– Land Parcel removed from the starting equipment of Gentry characters. 10x units of any Alcohol have been added in its place.
– Land Parcels and a new “item” called “Holdings” are now something that characters with the Highborn perk may swap out regular starting equipment for during creation, similar to the existing Journeyman perk.
– A new 1 pt Perk “Well Equipped” was added, which allows an extra starting equipment item to be selected. This can be taken multiple times.
– Impeccable Memory reduced in cost from 3pts to 2pts.
– The Help Wanted poster has been added again.
– The Spark is now no longer a “capped” perk as we felt this was unfair. It now has a Glory cost and is available to anyone, however in order to represent its extreme rarity in the setting, the Glory cost scales with active characters with The Spark.

Arcane Magic
– Taking “Arcane Initiation” and becoming a magician requires the basic focus: Magic, which essentially lets your character know IC everything on the Arcane Magic page. Existing characters who do not have this will be granted it for no cost as a 1 time correction.
– An important new Circle 2 Technique has been added – Dismissal, which allows a Magician to deflect and redirect war magic targeted at them.

Sin and Morality
– Heresy 1 has been changed to be conversing with a heretic or reading heretical texts. The previous definition of Heresy 1 no longer applies and everyone with that sin will have it removed from their sheet if they got it from the previous definition.

– Leaping, Channeling, yelling, etc, things that draw attention to yourself, all break Stealth.
– Refinement in Apothecary time reduced to 10 minutes from 15.

Items and Trade
– Professional Tools requires now as materials 5 Hard Iron, Wool, Hardwood and Heavy Leather, instead of the non-specific re-requirements of before.
– The Loquacious reveler’s trait has been reworked, as the previous one used the Wit mechanic.
– The Potent Trait has been removed from herbs. Potent is now something that can be added by Apothecaries by combining 3 identical drugs through refinement. Existing drugs that have the Potent trait can keep them. Herbs that have that trait should be turned in to have the trait changed out for a random new one.

Trade Guilds
– When Trade Guilds merge, the Guildmaster must choose one main trade that can benefit from Hustle by the officers of the guild for contracts and skilled labor. This can be changed later by stopping all Hustles and performing a Downtime action. This makes some guild mergers make more sense than others, and prevents the forming of a “super guild” that includes all possible skills and trades.
– Site updated with existing Guilds.
– Clarified some confusing language regarding how much XP Apprentices get as their learning discount.

Warfare / Knights
– Knights no longer Levy the same way as before. Instead, Levies are called from Holdings, an “item” that Highborn characters can begin with. Each Holding has 10 units of troops that it can ever produce in a human generation, but they can be drawn at any speed. Knights can earn new Holdings through their Knight Order through play.

Knights are about to undergo a major rework that should see them be a lot cooler and more interesting soon, and this will be included in the second half of the patch. Stay tuned for more.

Please direct complex questions to the forums.

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