Patch 1.12

Patch 1.12

Hello everyone. Thank you for your patience on the patch being a little after deadline. With such a short break between this game and last, I know we’re all scrambling.


Clarified that a pistol can be used in a Grapple, such as in the classic hostage scenario.

You no longer get Wrath for using your Devotion bonus in a combat, though in general you should roleplay the emotional ferocity.

Changed the wording on the description of “Heavy Armor” such that it doesn’t suggest that chain is included. It remains, however, a good idea for its protection as Medium Armor where your plates don’t cover.

Clarified Brawl’s Punch ability vs Armor. The Armor call does not stop the status effects delivered by Punch, however the hit reduction effect of Heavy Armor does. In other words, Punch works against characters wearing armor, unless that armor is plate.

Ridicule needs a minimum standard of “oh damn!” to work based on reaction. Not just any lame insult can trigger Ridicule


Pillar of Faith did not have a listed duration before. It now lasts as long as you hold your hand above your head unsupported, which represents the mild strain of maintaining the power, as well as giving an indication of the power in use to others.


Some items still had old mechanics components “Hardware” and “Casing,” which have been updated to conform with “Bits” and “Enclosure” where appropriate.

Alcohol units, their real life quantities and their sources have been clarified in the alcohol section at the bottom of the Trade and Production page.

Added a section explaining the costs of messenger services and post on the Trade and Production Page, as well. Related, Rookery added to the Rulership page.

The earliest mechanics items were never updated to reflect the new system. Their price and components are now correct.

Feasts are now an item “crafted” by a person with the Etiquette skill. The creator gains 3 uniquely “F” numbered tags for every level of Etiquette that they have. These should be taped placed on the bottom of the plate that the food is eaten from, and specify that 1 hour of sitting, eating and roleplaying is required before they can be removed. The removed tags (Which exist ooc and cannot be “stolen”) are then turned in to Logistics by the participant to claim the experience point.

~~Perks and Flaws~~

Slightly changed the wording of Death Wish to indicate it does not force you to enter every combat possible, rather it affects leaving combats you are in. You are not required by the Death Wish trait to charge across the game site at full tilt to fight everything.

Replaced “Can’t Jump” maim with “Bad Knees.” Actual jumping, just as a factor of the game site, isn’t as important in a LARP like this vs the generalized adventure scenarios you might find in a tabletop. The new flaw accomplishes the same thing in spirit, and limits off-trail exploration.

One-Eyed Jack is now considered a 4pt Flaw.

“Cannot Crouch” now also prevents you from using Survival Trails.

Thrall of the Old Gods now has a more specific explanation of what is required and requires blood, 5 min down from 10.

The Magnetism Perk has been changed such that the use of the perk now is an active use by the player rather than by staff.

The Despair gained from losing your Ward is now resistant to removal, only being able to be recovered from having a major personal victory related to your Devotion, rather than by some of the other methods that ordinarily work.

The Memorable flaw now gives +1 effective streetwise level on that character, and so while it still does what it always did (give the first tier of Streetwise results to everyone using Streetwise), it now also makes a more intensive look easier.

The Enemy Flaw has been refactored. You now build your enemy and its value in pieces, similar to the Duty flaw. Those of you who have existing Enemies should review this section and confirm the specific allocation of your existing enemies, including if they should be worth more points than they currently are worth.

The Highborn ability now lists some information on the “Exception” cases for Highborn – Dunnick, Shariqyn and Njordic Highborn and what that means.

Fixed a confusing comma placement in Classical Education which, if read a certain way, suggested the perk granted more Foci than it does.

~~Skills and Abilities~~

Dogma clarified regarding how it works in relation to being used on characters of different Faiths.

The Pain Tolerance ability now predictably makes you immune to the Pain effect.

Finesse 4: Forgery now specifies that you can break and reseal a wax letter seal without damaging it.

The Streetwise skill can now expend multiple “uses” on a single person in order to dig into that character’s secrets and associations.

The investment ability in Mercantile now specifies a maximum amount of investments active.


Magicians can no longer move while containing charge. In order to take any steps after channeling, the accrued charge must be abandoned.

The Expulse Technique now causes Blackout condition when used.

Steady Flow Technique removed.

Magicians may now bring the factors of their spells over 5 if they do so with charge from over their Threshold.

Blasting Form penalty on Power increased from 1 to 2.

The Restate Technique now specifies that power gained from Domain Specialization and Grasping Form cannot be affected.


Renamed the “Explore” action to “Prepare Land” for clarity.

Noted that goods and commodities traveling to a destination (such as to build upon a province or to send equipment to armies) must safely travel through the appropriate lands, and are subject to Raid.

The Support Order now requires you to specify which specific force and which specific action you are supporting.


Heresy 1 reworded for clarity to “Fleeing from Supernatural Evil”


Added a new Aa’boran ritual allowing the Magus and their pals to use certain drugs without a Gluttony sin.

Changed the prop in Aqua Caelestis to a bottle to be emptied Clarified that any use of Aqua Caelestis is single use so the entire vessel should be emptied.

~~Trade Guilds~~

Clarified the relationship of PC Apprentice and PC Master vs NPC Apprentices and NPC Masters.


Added a new page under Setting “The Church” separating out from the original “The Throne” page. Both pages will be receiving new IC information very soon, but I didn’t want to delay the patch any farther for that.

Next Patch over the long break will include a pass over Rulership to clean up the overall system.
As always the Forums are the best place to ask rules questions so that we can answer them there and have the answer in perpetuity.

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