Patch 1.10a

Patch 1.10a

As part of this upcoming patch 1.10 (still incoming), we are moving to a new Experience Point system.

Characters earn experience points based on the amount of experience they have already earned, including Flaws. Characters earn more experience at the beginning of their career than at the end for attendance. Since Flaw experience counts toward this track, taking a large amount of flaws only moves you forward along the timeline.

Up to 35 XP: 4 per event
Up to 65 XP: 3 per event
Up to 90 XP: 2 per event
After 90 XP: 1 per event

Experience earned from Feasts, Character Writing, and Instruction do not count against this total for the purposes of advancing through the timeline.

All of your Experience Point logs (on Google Drive) have been updated.

Every single character in play has gained at least experience points retroactively. You should all have a bucket of new XP now in your logs.

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