Patch 1.10

Patch 1.10

This is a large patch. For the sake of Staff, please keep any re-writes based on these changes to emergency only until after this game as we already have many characters that we are still in the process of working with.

– The Code of Conduct is complete (the link is at the bottom of the page). ALL players will be asked to sign a waiver at next game session for our insurance, and that waiver will ask that you have read and understand the code of conduct. Stop reading this list and read the Code of Conduct before continuing.
– Since Trestertag is upon us, please pay special attention to the “Player Comfort” section.

-Streetwise now correctly indicates that you can spread as many rumors as your Streetwise, not just one, and that it does not give the ability to spread a rumor when using the “find people at game” use of the skill.
– Firearms 5, Quick Draw, has been replaced with Quick Shot, which allows you to add Quick to a single firearms shot.
– Clarified the phrase “voluntary” in ingested poisons to be that it can’t be crammed down someone’s throat, it has to be eaten or drunk on purpose – but that doesn’t mean that they need to know that it is in whatever they ingest.
– Disease mechanics simplified. They now function as Power vs Grit and institutional filth simply attempts to infect all characters. There is no longer tracking of contagion from person to person. See Death and Destruction for details.
– Clarified Liturgy as it relates to different Faiths.
– The time needed for Apothecary 3: Refinement changed to 15 minutes each refinement. Like other forms of crafting, this time can be reduced further by half with in game roleplay using props to represent the work.
– Removed the limit on Herbalism 4, Cultivate, similar to Investment in Mercantile 4.

– The Strength (-) flaw, feeble, has a new mechanic. “The character is exceptionally scrawny and weak, unable to deal damage with any kind of melee or ranged weapon except a Firearm, lift anything heavier than 5 pounds, including any armor worn, and all Gathering Skills except Herbalism are treated as if they are one rank lower.”
– Removed the Wit ability because of its clunky mechanic and replaced it with the Insight ability. See Attributes and Skills for details.

– The Mercantile Page (and the Mercantile 1 Skill, thusly) is changing. Going forward the Mercantile page will offer information about prices ELSEWHERE than Stragosa, giving multiple price points for each item or service, but in other parts of the world. Merchants can use this information to arrive at a fair price, but it will be less of a mandate for what Stragosa’s prices “must” be. This will also allow characters who Travel to buy and sell at advantageous prices elsewhere, and understand the risks of travel better. (The page is still under construction but will be ready before game)
-Overall deflation of most prices by approximately 50%

– Clarified that one cannot hold multiple Rulership positions.
– Sensechal granted the ability to substitute for any District Magistrate temporarily.
– Multiple small tweaks to many building’s costs

– Changed the mechanic on the Enthusiastic Reveler’s Trait
– Respected Perk was given a new ability. It now grants 1 Hope when a settling a dispute among peasant characters (regardless of how) and 1 Hope when somehow officiating the celebration of a local holiday.
– Changed the XP scale such that progression is faster at the beginning of the character and slows over time, accelerated by Flaws.
– Small rephrasings of the Recap form questions for clarity.
-Despair can now also be removed by achieving a major personal victory tied directly to your Devotion.
– Classical Education’s “Your House” now is “Your House, Order, or other Organization”
– The rules for merging guilds and taking market share are now removed, as they no longer apply in the new system.

– It turns out I never explained what Rest actually was on the site, added those rules.
– Clarified how armor interacts with Assassination.

– Clarified Channeling process, becoming much more specific about the volume of channeling incantations and the size of arcane gestures.
– Added Better/New “Power” examples when explaining spell Power.
– Removed ALL Spell Packets from the game. Mages no longer use spell packets at all to cast their spells – instead keeping track of their charge in their head the same way a character would keep track of available Parries and Dodges.
– Blasting Form now has a fixed size.
– the Missing Fingers flaw now correctly affects Channeling.

– Cosmetics added as an exotic goods item
– Meathook added as an item
– Two kinds of armor field repair patches have been added, Chain and Leather.
– All of the crafting skills now have several services that they can offer that temporarily increase the effectiveness of various activities. These are meant to stimulate those professions with desirable consumables.
– The large amount of book items has been simplified to two: Book and Tome.
– the POWDERSHOT mechanism is now used to use black powder weaponry.
– Mechanically created weapons such as Crossbows and Guns now have that reflected in their components section.
– Lowered the time on item repairs from 30 to 10 min.

– Marked some Aab’oran rituals with an asterisk(*) indicating that they can be used without a test in perfect conditions, similar to Benalian rituals.
– The entire Cyanahim order and their rituals have been reworked. There are several new rituals, and they have a new Covenant to uphold. The Benediction ritual from Sanctae Viae has been put into the Cyanahim group as part of the Eye of Cyaniel ritual and replaced with a new ritual.
– Added all Covenants to the ritual page for ease.
– The Aab’oran ritual “waters of past and future” has been reworked
– The Call of Pathos ritual can affect a present monster as well as a place.

-The Reverse Ruin power and how it relates to Stragosa’s ruins has been clarified.

– Archaeology asks for you to select a specific lot in the city to investigate.

– The Gothic Field army perk is now that a Force may support their attacks for no Orders.


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