Membership in some organizations and the special training that they give their members and adherents require the purchase of a Character Perk. These can be purchased at a later time if membership into these groups is earned in game, and in this case they can be purchased for the cost listed below without the Glory cost. Beginning a character concept that has already gone through recruitment and training means that these Perks are acquired during character creation, and this requires a corresponding amount of Glory to be spent to help ensure the quality and relative scarcity of these character types.

Most of these require some level of commitment to a world organization which requires certain responsibilities of its members in exchange for the benefits that are granted, and this is represented by the Duty flaw discussed in each Perk, which does not yield any experience points when conferred this way. You may still take the Duty Flaw during character creation, but it represents a different duty than this, perhaps some above and beyond responsibility, or perhaps something completely unrelated to your affiliations.
If all other pre-requisites are met, it is possible to begin play at a higher rank in an organization than the first, but it requires that the associated Glory costs be paid over again for each rank above the first. The third rank is the highest allowed at character creation regardless of circumstance.

30 Glory, 10 exp
You are gifted since birth with the mark of God. In your childhood you showed unusual talents in leadership and kinship with your fellow man. Lay-folk often refer to your kind as "Heaven Touched" and see it as a sign of great destiny in you. Your divinity shows on the surface of your skin as well as on a emotional level. When people see you, they cannot help but perceive that you are somehow special, and you have great force of personal magnetism. This also allows you to purchase Paladin abilities. See the Paladin Hub for details. Almost every Paladin is also a member of the Sacred Order of the White Lion, and the Glory and Experience cost of Charismata includes Knighthood as well.  Joining the White Lions confers the Beholden flaw (Major) for no additional points, and the Charismata blessing confers the Memorable flaw, both for no additional Flaw points.

Paladins begin play with the Charismata ability, and one Tier 1 power of their choice.  See Paladin Powers for details.

If, by a very strange turn of events, your character is divinely blessed but somehow is not a member of the Sacred Order of the White Lion, you may choose to be undiscovered by the Church and not given normal Paladin training,  but this should not be taken lightly, as the Church will be extremely suspicious or even hostile with such individuals.

Heir Apparent
20 Glory, 3 exp, Requires Highborn perk
May not be taken with Greater Nobility
You are next or nearly next in line to succeed the throne or lordship of a powerful position in the noble courts such as a Rogalian Count, a Cappacian Marquis or a Gothic Graf. One day, all of this will be yours - if you can survive long enough to claim it. In your own country, you can expect good treatment anywhere you go, and if your inheritance comes to fruition, you can expect to command a large amount of wealth and power, as well as outranking most other Highborn characters in political matters, except for Greater Nobility, forcing them to defer to you in most circumstances.

Should you achieve inheritance you become "Head of House." As the sole leader of your noble family, you have the authority to direct all of its considerable wealth and assets. Once per Chapter during the Downtime, you may direct your agents back home to attempt to garner you any one advantage. This can be as simple as a finely crafted suit of armor, or as large as a bridge, a ship, or additional Holdings to draw soldiers from. The request is ranked between 1 and 10 and a single die roll is performed by Staff. If the roll is successful, your family has the necessary liquidity, influence or power to get that for you, and its advantages will be put into play as soon as possible in whatever way is appropriate (such as sending it to you in play). If the roll is not successful, the goal remains temporarily out of your grasp. Tapping Friends Indeed and other resources may temporarily make target numbers lower.

As well, any players you recruit to play characters in your service may begin play as Knights Errant without paying the usual Glory cost, at your option.

Greater Nobility
20 Glory, 3, exp, Requires Highborn perk
May not be taken with Heir Apparent
You are one of the Mighty - while you are not the Head of House, you trace your bloodline back to historical figures of great import and renown, and the Throne itself recognizes your family line as a preeminent part of the machine that makes the world work. Your family might sit the seat of a Gothic Herzogtum, a Hestralian Duchy, or some other powerful position within the Throne's nobility. This means that there are other entire noble houses that owe you fealty as your loyal factors, and this relationship may be advantageous to you in the political turmoils of the frontier that you find yourself in. For an additional 10 Glory, you may be part of a Royal line, and thus receive the fealty of all of the Nobility from your land. Note, however, that such powerful people have powerful enemies, and many would try to exploit you, even if only for the ransom to your family. It is advised that such characters ensure they have an entourage of stalwart and loyal allies if choosing this concept, as the world is eager to disprove greatness.

10 Glory, 2 exp
You are a member of an order of Knights, sworn to God and Emperor. The order gives you access to its resources, and in exchange, you are expected to uphold the orders ideals and interests, and act as protector of an area assigned to you. This confers personal benefits as well as grants you access to levy military forces to wage war with. Each new degree confers additional resources and authority to the knight, and gives him command over greater and greater area of land and military forces. This confers the Beholden flaw (Significant) for no additional points. For more information, See the Knight Hub.

Holy Ordination
10 Glory, 2 exp
You are an ordained priest of your religion. You possess the station of a spiritual leader and you are an authority on the tenants of your faith. Benalian priests are granted a copy of the Testamonium and are initiated into one of the seven Holy Orders of the Church, and given their gospel. Even if the Priest is initiated into another Holy Order, he keeps his Priest Rank across all rituals in that faith. The purchasing of this achievement carries with it the Beholden flaw (Significant) for no additional points. A priest is required to maintain a virtuous life, and to accept orders from higher ranking members of his sect. Priests take on a new name in Aldersabin when they join the clergy - Matthew Kirkwald might become Father Silvarum upon taking his vows.

Shariqyn Magi do not have an organized clergy, but have individuals who personally dedicate themselves to the mystic arts of Aab'oran, and this merit is the appropriate way to represent that. A Shariqyn magus is seen as a pillar of their community and should behave as such, but has no special Beholden flaw. Shariqyn do not pay Glory to become a Magus.

Nobles who join the Clergy give up their claims to their noble titles, so caution should be taken if taking the Highborn perk along with Holy Ordination.  If a player wishes to create a character who is of Noble birth, yet gave up their titles to join the Clergy, the Highborn perk must still be taken for 5 exp, yet loses all of its official legal power.

For more information, please refer to the Priest Hub.

Arcane Circle Initiation
15 Glory 4 exp
Requires: Basic Focus - Magic (See Academics Skill)
You are well-trained and apprenticed in the occult arts of one of the four magician guilds. You may choose from one of the four guilds and gain the basic Elemental domain of that guild (Korakh) and its two Attribute Related Domains (Sihil and Yrael). You also gain three more Domains and a collection of spells as befits your training and role within your Guild (See Mage Guilds for Details).  Subsequent techniques can be purchased with experience points. Arts must be learned without instruction and require only that you be the correct circle and fulfill any requirements noted. Other techniques require an instructor and the foci noted in their requirements. The purchasing of this achievement carries the Beholden flaw (Major) for no additional points. When joining a guild and learning its secrets, you become their agent and are trusted to follow the orders of your superiors. Regardless of the stripe, all the arcane guilds are extremely stratified by their Circle, and any outranking individual has complete authority over you. Frequently, you will receive orders to you that represent the guilds interests and may have some long-term goal assigned to you.

For more information, see the Mage Hub.

Villain concept
30+ Glory
Your character concept is that of a direct antagonist to the other players, be it a Necromancer or some other heretic, or something more mundane but just as wicked. The concept contains the potential for significant disruption of the game, so needs to be handled carefully and with trust.