Patch 1.09

Patch 1.09 Hello lovelies. With this patch comes a number of changes, most of them to the economy and Trade Guilds. This is going to be a fairly large change, but it is needed. I don’t usually take the time to explain the patches this thoroughly, but because this relates […]

Patch 1.08a

Patch 1.08a – Part b probably tomorrow with the Rulership system separate. Sins: – Renamed 1, 2, 3, to Venial, Mortal, Deadly. Same mechanic, but easier to talk about In-Character. There is also a paragraph below explaining how the Church feels about each level. – Heresy 3 clarified to include […]

Patch 1.08b

Patch 1.08b Addendum to Patch 1.08, some clarifications, additions and corrections. – The pivoting allowed during the leap pause is not allowed if Leap is used from stealth on an unaware target. – A new flaw has been added, “Ward”, worth 3 or 5 points, which represent people that rely […]

Last minute Mini-Patch

Last minute Mini-Patch -The Resolve ooo (Indomitable) effect has changed. Overall, the old version was just not working like I had hoped and ended up frustrating for everyone involved. Instead of giving you a weird, sort-of Downtime action, it now makes you immune to the effects of Despair. Details apply. […]

Patch 1.07

From here on rather than lots of small changes over time, I am going to try to do versioning, where I just update all the content I need to one time between each game. You can expect one giant (or not so giant) patch a reasonable time before the next […]

Patch 1.05

Etiquette 3 – The previous ability (canceling Etiquette uses) has been folded into 2. The new Etiquette 3 is the following: Proclamation: You know how to take command of a gathering, and use body language and poise in such a way that you are clearly in charge, and everyone else […]

Patch 1.06

Over the break I am going to be cleaning up some rules that I have seen as problematic, poorly performing, or otherwise need changing. In this case, it was stuff that I had written originally thinking it would play a larger role than it did, so I am adjusting it […]

03/29/2015 Patch

Brawl has received a buff to make the Skill more viable as a stand-alone skill rather than simply a support skill to more traditional combat. Brawl refreshes now automatically refresh one use every 10 seconds. Higher Brawl skill allows more uses in quick succession and with less restriction, but the […]