Messenger and Postal Services


Messenger & Post Services

Messenger & Postal Services

Messenger & Postal Services


There is no centralized post run by the Throne, and the delivery of letters falls to intrepid couriers, messengers, and carrier ravens.

Ravens are raised in rookeries and then transported in cages to distant places. Once they are released, message attached, they fly unerringly back to the place of their birth, perhaps to be caged and carried back to a new exotic locale. Carrier ravens can only carry short letters, and can only go to places large enough to have their own rookery. Instructions, and perhaps a guild note for payment, have to be in the letter to see it to its specific target. Most great noble families can be expected to have a rookery, but trying to reach a specific merchant (or worse, gutter scum) in a major city is very difficult with a raven.

Bonded Couriers are used for important packages and parcels. They belong to a Guild of couriers who handle such sensitive matters. The sender pays a considerable upfront fee for the guarantee that the package will get to its recipient. If the package fails to arrive, the sender may draw upon the guild's posted bond for the value of the parcel or letter, agreed and certified ahead of time. More successful and serious bonded couriers can afford to post higher bonds as their career advances, and can take increasingly profitable packages. Bonded Couriers are serious transport for serious people.

Messengers are the less formal cousin to Bonded Couriers which rarely belongs to a guild. Rather, they are individual travelers or merchants who were headed that direction anyway and can be paid to take on your letter or parcel for a bit of extra coin. Typically, the sender pays a basic rate to the messenger to carry their post. Upon finding the recipient, the messenger asks the recipient to purchase the letter from them to pay for their time and expense. Often these letters will change hands multiple times over the course of a journey, as one postman purchases the letters of another as the destination of the traveler and the letter diverge in detail. The final deliverer will want to make good on their investment.

Purchasing Letter Writing The usual rate a local Scrivener's Guild will charge for dictation and sealing of a letter to the illiterate or those without a Writing Kit is around 1 silver. All of these purchases are an exception to the normal rules and may be purchased during Downtime without a scene.

When the situation near Stragosa is unsafe due to military concerns such as invaders, monsters, or bandits, it's possible that sending posts are more likely to fail, higher in price, or outright impossible.

Service Local Near Distant Far Outside the Throne Special Notes
Carrier Raven N/A 4s 18s 36s 60s May not carry parcels. Stragosa cannot receive ravens without a Rookery.
Bonded Courier 5c 10s 20s 40s 80s Package or letter is insured against loss and likely to reach its destination
Messenger 1c 2s 4s 8s 20s The parcel is cash on delivery to recipient, and has a higher likelihood of being lost or stolen.

Local: Within the city of Stragosa and its nearest environs.
Near: Within the greater Stragosa area - any of the local land parcels as well as the town of Vogelmeier across the mountain pass.
Distant: Major cities in Gotha such as Fenristadt or Lethia, all areas of Rogalia and the Cold Throne of Njordr.
Far: As far as Dunland, Hestralia and Cappacionne.
Outside the Throne: Sending post to the exotic regions of the Rime Lands, Sha'ra, or farther still...