Knowing an item's value is more than just a gut feeling about how much it'll fetch.  True merchant knowledge comes from a rigorous understanding of markets, how one good affects another, and all the various economic forces that act upon a market.  The same good could be worth twice as much in one market than another due to the scarcity of another commodity, and all of that is important in determining the current price of any particular good.


The prices in this list are to be the understood "expected going rate" for a given product, at least in the listed area.

Because of currency laws in the Throne, currency use is tied to social class.  Copper is for use by the Peasant and city Scum, silver is used by the Merchant class, and gold is used for luxuries purchased by the Nobility and Gentry, though the upper classes may use the baser coin at will.  The items on this list are listed in terms of a specific coinage, and if you do not have the appropriate coinage or are not of the appropriate Social Class, you can expect trouble completing the transaction.  While money does have an approximate value in regards to other tiers of coinage, they are not interchangeable.  

Product Price List (Component Items)

Product Price List (Ecclesiastical Items)

Product Price List (Commodities)

Product Price List (Goods)


Stragosa is home to several Trade Guilds, and each one one has control over a certain sector of the market.

The following Guilds are registered participants in the Stragosa market:

Trade:   Representation and Contracting needs of the Church, including procuring of holy items, rituals, and organized liturgical actions, review of actions or items of questionable moral providence (Specifically Herbalist and Apothecary work)
Contract Tax Rate: 20%

Consolidated Wood Workers
Trade: Gathering, Selling of wood and wood related Crafted goods.
Contract Tax Rate: 20% 

Trade: Gathering, selling of metal and related Crafted goods
Contract Tax Rate: 20%

The Blackjacks
Trade:   Forced Compliance, Security, Task-Force Assault and Crime Prevention
Contract Tax Rate: 20%


Leather Crafts of Stragosa
Trade: Gathering, Selling of leather and leather related Crafted goods
Contract Tax Rate: 20%

Scrivener's Guild
Trade: Scribing and transcribing, sale of written works including the sale of contract writing services.
Contract Tax Rate: 20%

Farmer's Guild
Trade: The selling of food and textiles in raw form, production of Tailored goods, and sale of apothecarial concoctions and herbs.
Contract Tax Rate: 20%

Le Mille Delizie
Trade:  Acts of performance and pleasure for audiences and crowds
Contract Tax Rate: 20%