Being stabbed with a sword is always serious, but there are wounds, and then there are wounds. The possibility exists that a character can be permanently injured in such a way that they never fully recover. Called Maims, these injuries, even after the wounds have recovered, persist with some sort of harmful side effect that will trouble the character to the end of their days without extraordinary circumstances to correct them.

Maims occur in a given broad location - legs, arm, or head, and in three levels of severity - Mild, Severe, and Crippling. A single clean hit to a limb means that the limb is injured and rendered useless, as discussed earlier. However, if the limb, already injured, continues to take punishment from repeated attacks, the wounds can still become more serious. If an injured limb is hit two more times with a weapon after already being downed (a total of 3 hits), the character suffers a Maim to that location. Maims to the head occur from being Stunned 3 or more times in the same combat scene. This can be intentional on the part of the attacker or something of a circumstantial accident, but the effect is the same regardless.

Example Maims

Mild Leg Maims

  • Trick Knee - You have a damaged muscle that causes your knee to slip out of place at the worst moments. Any time you are the subject of the Stun, Bleed, Grab, or Pain effects to the leg, you also suffer Knockdown.
  • Bad Knees - You can't trek around the wilderness like you used to be able.  Moving off of the established roads involves much too many dips, hops and hurdles for you, and thus you cannot step off of ordinary paths at all.
  • Cannot Crouch - Injury to your hips and lower back make it impossible for you to crawl on hands and knees through tight spaces, and make crouching and ducking very painful. You can never take more than 1 step during Stealth, and you cannot journey down a Survival trail, even assisted.

Severe Leg Maims

  • Cannot Run - Injuries to the muscles or joints are extensive and the character cannot keep his balance while running, and needs a cane or staff to walk on Bad Terrain. You may never move at a full run, and can never have more than one Dodge.

Crippling Leg Maims

  • Cannot Walk - Injuries to the hip, spine or nerves have left the legs useless, and the character can no longer walk at all, even with assistance. He must be moved manually, or rolled about in a cart.

Mild Arm Maims

  • Weak Grip - Wrist or muscle injuries cause a weak hold on gripped objects. Any strike with a Mighty or Large weapon against your weapon causes it to be Disarmed automatically.
  • Imperfect Range - Due to a shoulder injury, you cannot lift your arm above your eye-line, making almost any attempt to climb vertically impossible, and you cannot engage opponents who are on higher ground than you.

Severe Arm Maims

  • Missing fingers - Important fingers like the thumb, forefinger or both are missing from one hand, and it makes fine manipulation with that hand exceptionally clumsy.   You must tape down to the palm at least two fingers of the affected hand such that the fingers cannot be used to grip anything.  Working with a mechanical device of any kind takes 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds, and you cannot fire a bow or pistol.  Additionally performing Arcane Signs (unless with the Still Channeling Technique or possibly Sinistration) is impossible.

Crippling Arm Maims

  • Missing Hand - Your hand has been removed totally at the wrist or lower, or the hand has otherwise been rendered totally useless by injury. Any use that rely on the dexterity of your bad hand automatically fails, and you are unable to use weapons with the Large flaw. If this is your dominant hand, you lose any skills Staff feels appropriate, but can regain levels of them at a rate of 1 Rank per game session as you learn to use your remaining hand.

Mild Head Maims

  • Headaches - You are wracked by painful headaches that get worse as you strain yourself. Resting takes a minimum of 10 minutes as it takes a while for your headaches to subside.
  • Hearing Loss - Injuries to your inner ear have reduced your ability to pick up certain pitches. Perception abilities that make you Alert based on sound do not work, and you don't react to sounds from far away.
  • Loose screws - All that pounding has broken something. You gain a permanent Mild Insanity.*

Severe Head Maims

  • Scarred - Injuries to your face have ruined any hope of handsomeness or traditional beauty, and try as they might, it is difficult for people to see past your face. You must spend two uses to attempt Seduction, Persuasion, and Sincerity.
  • Vision Loss - Your eyes are blurry, you have some double vision, or perhaps it just hurts to look at light, but tasks that require keen use of the eyes have become very difficulty for you. You cannot become Alert by any Perception skill use that relies on sight, and you cannot fire ranged weapons at any target farther away than 10 feet.
  • One Eye - One of your eyes has been completely ruined or lost and you no longer have any vision with it. You must wear an eye patch or other covering as part of your costume that must block the vision of that eye.*
  • Migraines - After exerting yourself you are wracked with blinding pain for a good while after. Resting takes at least an hour, and bright light or loud noises reset the time.
  • Detachment - Damage to the brain has caused you to become unhinged. Gain a Severe Insanity.*
  • Seizures - Whenever you suffer Fear, you automatically fall to the ground and are suffer Blackout as you struggle with fits.

Crippling Head Maims

  • Blinded - You have completely lost your vision. You should wear a blindfold or other sight impairing device, but for safety reasons you may take it off to navigate difficult environments, and may use a material that can be partially seen through.

*These are not available as part of the Old Wounds flaw during Creation. See Sick in the Head and One Eyed Jack instead.