Sunset Lake Camp

Gothic currently takes place in Sunset Lake Camp, in Wilkeson. It’s a vast camp surrounding a lake with beautiful lodgings and lots of firewood! The rules include no pork anywhere near the kitchen or main cooking areas (You may use a campfire), and absolutely no alcohol. Please make sure to respect our hosts and clean up after yourself when we are on our way out, and do not leave trash littered about the site. It’s important, as we are guests here, to leave it better than we came.


Map is not an accurate representation of current housing locations, but does note landmarks correctly like the Graveyard and Miracle and Tavern.


Meeting Areas:

As of March 2013, we’re proud to announce the opening of our new gymnasium.  It boasts a full basketball court, two volleyball courts as well as two additional breakout rooms.  Washington is known for its unpredictable weather, but with an indoor facility that can house up to 500, rain is no reason to cancel any event.

Timber Lodge
For those hosting a smaller event, Timber Lodge provides all the accommodations you could want.  A beautiful log structure hosts meetings and also provides a place for groups to cook while visiting.

Pioneer Inn
Also known to everyone as the cafeteria.  Suited for groups both large and small, Pioneer Inn provides a full kitchen and eating facility. Groups may rent the kitchen, or coordinate with our chef Alberto Reyes to cook for them. Looking for a lovely view? Our wrap-around porch has the best view of Sunset Lake on camp.


Lakeside Rooms 1 & 2
Attached to our newly built gym, these rooms total 72 person capacity. With a built-in divider, the rooms can be enjoyed separately or as one large room. Included is a full fridge, sinks and cabinets.

Nature Center
Ideal for smaller groups, our lovely nature center works well for many of our guests. While you’re there be sure to enjoy the many bugs, birds and amphibians housed there.


Timber and Cascade Villages
These cabins represent mansions, inns, and other various types of better housing. Currently, Stragosa is not upgraded with these, but it is where the Staff will be staying.
With a total of 20 cabins, this is by far our most popular housing. Each cabin circle has ten cabins, each named after a mountain in the Cascades, or a type of tree found in the Northwest. Each cabin is equipped with its own shower, toilet and three sinks. Five bunk beds, with one featuring a queen bed on bottom allow for a total capacity of 11 in each cabin. Complete with sky-lights, a mini-fridge and microwave, these cabins are made to meet all your needs.

Hillside Cabins
These cabins represent the average lodging in Stragosa at current, and are the only open cabins on site to players.
A more rustic option for those looking for the true camping experience.  A total of 16 cabins are sprinkled along our lake.  Each cabin can house 5 people and is conveniently located a short walk away from hillside bath.

Guest Rooms
A total of 7 guest rooms are found throughout camp. For guests that want a bit more privacy, or would enjoy living quarters closer to our meeting areas, guest rooms are ideal.

RV sites
There’s nothing quite as nice as pulling into your site and having your campsite already set up! With 6 RV sites throughout camp, there’s something for everyone.  We have water as well as electric hook-ups available for all sites.

Tent Camping
Sometimes nothing beats sleeping under the stars.  With nearly 400 acres available, you’re bound to find just the right spot to pitch camp for the night.



30811 Quinnon Rd, Wilkeson, WA 98396

From Washington 410 E

  • Take 8th Ave S to S 312th St
  • Take 1st Ave S, WA-99 S/Pacific Hwy S, Valley Ave E, WA-410 E, … and WA-165 S to Railroad St in Wilkeson
  • Continue on Railroad St to your destination