Gothic The Lion Age: Seattle LARP Video

Check out this great video from Gothic The Lion Age.

Find out what it is to live Gothic the Lion Age, a live combat role-playing experience in Seattle.

Gothic: The Lion Age is a game of important decisions and how those decisions affect others.  Combat is meaningful, costs are personal, and characters are always being given the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Join others and create a character that is embedded into a richly designed setting.  Participate in a story that is personal and part of an ongoing narrative between other characters and your own at our monthly events in Seattle.

What is it to be human? To be a man of our time? We are at once beings of splendid grace and cutting dissonance. We are a living contradiction, a living struggle between what we should be and what we are. We have in our hearts everything we need to be strong, to be righteous; every tool for the craft at hand is laid bare and oiled for our use. We are given every advantage, like silver-spooned children upon a noble’s feathered bed, every means to triumph in a battle against our myriad weaknesses. And yet, here do we linger, the tools left unhanded and rusting. It is our very nature we seek to upend, like some stubborn stump blemishing the farmer’s carefully tilled fields.

To God I swear, we will not rest. We cannot rest. We are beset at every side by the wickedness of this brutish world. At our borders, the monstrous orc, the godless Shariqyn. At our backs the abhorrent heretic, the horrible Night Malefic. No place is safe save those we carve out, every day, from the very jaws of this wounded world! We are human! We are God’s sacred sons! We alone can make right of this place, make a paradise of this pandemonium. We are the inheritors of holy orders; to take this world inch by inch and make of it such a world, such an offering that even God Himself would be proud of our Creation in turn. We are human, God’s chosen, and only we are perfect. The Orc, the Elf, the Night itself – these are the darkness that the flame of humanity burns brightly to repel! Such is the power of our light, and though we falter, and though we fail, it is our unbreakable, unshakable, invincible faith that ensures that whatever the way, whatever the dangers, the shadows, the costs – whatever the devils, the damned, the blackest hells! We will never yield.

In humanity there lies infinite variability, infinite capacity. It is this depth, this capacity that makes us who we are. We are humanity. That is what it is to be human, to forge the Throne of God on Earth.

Gothic the Lion Age.  Video produced by Drumroll Studios.

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