Giving Orders


Giving Orders

Giving Orders

Giving Orders


Move: Each Force has a number of Movement Points at it’s disposal for the purposes of movement, this is equivalent to the lowest Move Value of each of your Units in the Force.  If you Move into a Province that has a hostile Force (excepting Forces that are Below Notice or if your own Force is Below Notice), your own Force will cease the rest of its movement.  Moving through a Province costs a number of Movement Points as listed in the Terrain Section.  If your Force runs out of Movement Points you will cease your movement in the Province that you ran out of Movement Points in.  Moving out of this Province costs 0 Movement Points in the following chapter.  Ending your movement in an otherwise empty Province that has Fortifications (See Fortify Order) allows you to claim them as your own.

Forced March:  Force gains double their normal Movement Points for the turn and may move as according to the Move Order.  They gain the Fatigued Condition.

Attack: May engage a specific Force in an adjacent Province or one within the same Province.  You must be aware of the enemy Force in order to give this Order.  You will begin a Conflict with this enemy.  (See Conflict Section)

Defend: May guard against an impending enemy Forces attack by creating temporary defenses and preparing for the assault.  This Order also allows you to utilize any Fortifications that are present in the Province as long as they are not claimed by someone else.  Gain an Edge against any attacks that may occur on this Force during this Chapter.  If this Force moves for any reason after receiving this Order they lose this benefit, and it ends at the end of the Chapter.

Fortify:  Spend time building longer term defenses.  Your Units gain the Fatigue Condition.  For each turn a Province has had time spent fortifying it the owner gains a Wall Unit in any Defend action taken in this Province.  These Units are placed at the top of the Order for the benefiting Force.  A Province may only be fortified three times.  Any Units participating in the defense of these Fortifications will gain use of the Flanking Trait for the purposes of this Conflict.  Forces inside of a Province with maximum Fortifications are immune to attrition from local effects such as Cursed Provinces.

Scout: Your Force may double it’s normal Surveillance range and be able to spot things that are Below Notice.  Included in the Report for these actions will be a list of all Units alphabetically within those Forces.  This will also reveal any Points of Interest on the map.

Support: You may have your Force Support another Forces action, the Supporting Force must be within normal Movement range of the Force it is supporting as per the Move Order (although this does not necessitate your own Force to move).  Its Units are added to the end of the normal Forces Formation in the Formation that they are listed.  Supporting Forces neither gain Hope, Despair, nor experience towards gaining the Veteran Trait.  The Order Format for Support is:  Support <Force>, <Exact Order Assisted Force will Engage in>.  A mismatched order will not be successful.

Rally: Your Force rallies and loses a point of Despair they have.  If they had no Despair then they gain Hope.

Last Stand: Ignore Retreat rules but risk Force’s annihilation.  For any Conflicts they engage in this turn, they gain the Combat Advantage.  If your Force loses a Conflict this chapter then they do not Retreat, they are wiped out to a man.  This Force may not be given any other Orders this turn.

Reorganize Force: Combine Units or Forces in a single Province into a single Force or split a single Force into any number of smaller Forces, this also allows you to reorganize the Formation of your Units within the Force.  This Order will also allow you to reassign Units to another Commander with a Force in the same Province permanently, though the other Commander must also spend an Order for Reorganize Force to integrate the new Units into their Formation and be loyal to the same Sovereign.  Units will not follow Commanders of other Sovereigns.  Units retain their Cultural identity but receive the Command bonus of their new Commander.

As long as your Force is not Out of Supply currently you may also use this Order to refit your Units by paying the required equipment listed under the cost for each Unit.  If Supply Lines are Raided in this Phase or an earlier one, the equipment is plundered by the enemy.

Raid: Attack an enemy’s Supply Line that exists within the Province you are in.  This will immediately put that Force Out of Supply for this chapter and grant the Raiding Force any Rations or equipment that were being sent to that Force (and any other Force along that Supply Line).

Successive Raids over the course of several Chapters against the same Supply Line will cause the cumulative effects of multiple periods of being Out of Supply.  A Commander must be aware of the enemy Forces Supply Line to declare this Order.  You may also use this Order to dismantle a Fortification in the Province your Force resides in.  Each Raid Order lowers the Fortification level in that Province by one.   If a Force Raids a Province that has enemy work camps, they take 1 Supply unit per Quality of each Resource node, then reduce the Quality of that Node by 1.  If the Force is occupying an enemy city, each Raid order kills 5 units of Population, in order of social status, highest to lowest.  This happens once automatically when an enemy town is conquered.

Lay Ambush: This Force is unable to move, but gains Below Notice.  This Force will also no longer gain Surveillance Reports from neighboring Provinces.  Should an enemy Force move through this Province, they will immediately halt all future movement and come under attack.  This gives the ambushing Force an Edge.  In addition, should they succeed in ambushing an enemy, their Units will gain one free attack on the enemy Units without them getting a chance to retaliate.  If, however, this Force is instead attacked they will give an Edge to the enemy instead.  This Order will stand until this Force is given any other Order.

Prepare Land: This Force will explore a Point of Interest in the Province that they are currently in, the results of which will be relayed in the next Surveillance Report, or prepare the land for building.  


Special Orders are only available to players with the prerequisite Combat Doctrine.

Provoke (Seduce) - You may issue an Order against an enemy Force within an adjacent Province to your own.  By doing this you will override their normal Order (if they have one) and cause them to attack the Force that gave this Order.  This forces them to fight you on your terms and on the Terrain your Force is standing on.  Gain an Edge for this attack; this Order can be given by a Force that is lying in Ambush without spoiling that Order.

Parlay (Persuade) - You may issue an Order that allows you to meet with your enemy commander on the field to discuss terms.  This will allow you to RP a scene with the enemy commander where you may possibly be able to reach some sort of favorable conclusion.

Lay Traps (Trapping) - You may issue an Order to lay a series of traps in the Province you are staying in.  These traps are considered Below Notice.  If a Force, other than your own, moves over a Province with traps in them they will immediately stop movement and gain Despair.  These traps will remain forever until triggered.

Feint (Sincerity) - You may issue an Order that creates a decoy Force within two Provinces of the one that gave this Order.  This decoy Force will look exactly like your own in Surveillance Reports but will not stand up to the closer scrutiny of a Scout Order.  If you move your Force in anyway after performing this Order the decoy will disappear, though you may issue other Orders such as Defend, Fortify, or Ambush.

Espionage (Finesse) - You may issue an Order against another Force within three Provinces.  By doing so you will receive a report of every Unit within that Force and the Formation of them, as well as the location of all other Forces in that Army.

Gather Intel (Streetwise) - You may issue an Order against another Force within two Provinces to discover the last and current Orders their Commander issued.

False Flag (Tailoring) - You may issue an order to remake banners, tents and other signaling devices such that your Force appears in Surveillance Reports to be that of any other Army you choose.  This does not hold up against the closer inspection of a Scout Order.