Fear of Death


"Those who die for the glory of God shall eat at His table, where their cup shall never empty..."

The Throne is a dangerous place rife with peril and unfortunate endings. The likelihood of death in a campaign or even a single adventure is very high (and possibly an eventuality) as long as combat remains a recurring event. This section talks about the occurrence of severe injury and character death.


All men fear death. At the moment when death's door opens for you, your quality is tested. Fear on the battlefield can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Whenever you enter a combat situation with no Defense Calls or you spend your last Defense Call in combat.
  • A friend or an ally is Downed in combat near you, leaving you outnumbered.
  • Particularly frightening moments as called out by a Marshal or specific powers and abilities that inflict Fear.

A character stricken by Fear is unable to use combat maneuvers, channel magical power, perform rituals, or use any other special power or ability except basic attacks and defenses, except for Defensive Calls. A character with the Discipline skill may expend Discipline to dismiss an incident of Fear, and be protected from it until the next Fear inspiring thing happens. Fear lasts until Rest.