Every character gets one Downtime Action that they can use to accomplish something between game sessions.  Downtime actions take place over the course of the entire period between games, and are limited to specific forms.

Certain skills give ways to spend Downtime Actions to produce specific results, such as Mining or Hunting, and some skills provide a new way to use your Downtime action once you achieve a certain rank, such as Marketeer at Mercantile 5.

Downtimes cannot be affected by Willpower, Prayer, Hope or other kinds of temporary aid.  Rituals and other abilities can only be used if it is noted within the ability.  Spells can sometimes be used, but usually require Duration 7 or higher.

Unrestricted Downtimes

Any character can perform these downtimes, regardless of skill, although some rely on skills to be effective:

Muscle – You may attempt to prevent characters from taking other kinds of actions.  If someone tries to use Muscle to prevent you from taking an action, Intimidate is compared, plus one for every person using Muscle on a given side.  Multiple people doing Muscle together on either side use the highest Muscle among them, then +1 for each additional person.

The side with the most prevents the other side from taking the action.  The person doing the blocking’s identity is always known, while the person being blocked is only known if they force their way through the block.

This can be used for such things as guarding a place or object, trying to use a resource node like the mine when another character wishes to use it, preventing a person from taking any actions, preventing anyone from taking a specific kind of action, and so on.

Archaeology – By exploring, digging through ruins, reading ancient documents and other sorts of research, you may try to learn something about what happened here before the Throne arrived to take it over.  At the end of the Downtime period, a clue will be given to you about what happened.  High levels of Perception and Academics will help you discover better clues.  This action targets a specific lot in the city, which can be selected from the map on the Rulership page.

Vocation – [See Trade Guilds]  Perform work over the Downtime to get by.  Any character may use this to stay fed and healthy over the Downtime, but members of Trade Guilds may use it to complete Contracts that they have.

Therapy – [See Path of Shattered Glass on Depravity and Insanity and Despair in Death and Destruction] Give up your downtime in order to comfort the mentally ill and the emotionally distraught.  This must be your action Downtime action, not one acquired through Leadership.  This requires a public scene on the Forums as well.

Labor – [See Rulership]  You can use your strong back and work hard, contributing your efforts as Labor to help build some specific permanent structure in the area.

Restricted Downtimes

The following Downtime Actions are dependent upon a Skill or ability. Their details are listed under that ability on the Attributes and Skills page.

Gather – [See Skills] Use your gathering skill to gain common or uncommon goods
Hustle – [See Trade Guilds] Increase the Vocation actions for the skills the guild owns.
Instruction – [See Academics on Skills] Reduce the exp needed for purchasing a new ability through dedicated teaching and learning.
Invention – [See Attributes] Create a new Mechanic for the game
Language – [See Character Creation] Learn a language
Marketeer – [See Mercantile on Skills] Raise or Lower the Market values of goods and services
Mass Production – [See Skills] Produce large amounts of goods.  You may produce 100 finished items or around 3 times as many component items.  Anyone may craft 10 finished items without spending a Downtime.
Mastercrafting – [See Skills] Produce a single masterwork item, if your skill is great enough.
Mechanics – [See Skills] Break down devices to learn their secrets.
Research – [See Skills] Learn a new Focus, Liturgy Code, or refine an Arcana.  Requires Literacy.  Research cannot be assisted or duplicated with Leadership.
Rule – [See Rulership] As the Ruler, learn the state of dissent, treasury, or mood of the city.  As Seneschal, prevent dissent from growing in absence of the Ruler.
Streetwise – [See Skills] Gather information on an individual over the course of a month
Wage War – [see Warfare] Join your forces in the field to lead them personally in battle.

Downtimes without Owners

Sometimes you have an advanced focus that gives you a downtime but doesn’t belong to anyone. (Efficient Leader and Effective are both examples of this, but it can apply to other things, especially as time goes on and patches rework the system and add). In order to add this to the sheet: state you have another downtime. Then, under “Who Owns the Downtime”, put the name of the appropriate Foci or item giving you this “free” action.

The Downtime between October–December game: Submissions due Nov 15th @ midnight.

To submit your Downtime Action, please use the following form: