Combat Doctrines


Combat Doctrines

Combat Doctrines

Combat Doctrines


Every Knight Order has its own unique way of fighting.  This uniqueness is demonstrated by its own Combat Doctrine.  A Knight Orders Combat Doctrine is determined by that Orders Valor Skill.  Each Doctrine gives the Knight access to a special ability as well as their own unique Special Unit and Rare Unit.  Special Units are accessed at Knight Commander and Rare Units are accessed at Master.  An Army may only include up to five Special Units and two Rare Units.  These Units may not be given to other Knights, regardless of Rank, unless they are of the same Order.  These Units may not be purchased as Mercenaries.  These Units come fully equipped and do not start with the Green Trait.  Special Units have a Edge Bonus, which means they will grant an Edge to the Force they are a part of anytime the prerequisite is met, as well as a Combat Advantage Bonus, which means that as long as their Force has the Combat Advantage they also gain the additional abilities or cause the effect to occur.

Archery: “Darkening the Skies” - All Units with Ranged gain one free attack prior to the fight starting in any Conflict.

Brawl: “Unexpected Blows” - Enemy Formation is disrupted and randomized at the start of the Conflict.

Dodge: “Swift as the Wind” - Your Units negate the first Ranged attack against them each Round of a Conflict from enemy Units.

Firearms: “Roaring Thunder” - Your Units are immune to the negative aspects of the Black Powder Trait.

Heavy Weapons: “Strike First, Strike Once” - All Units gain a Lock-Up Trait

Light Weapons: “We Strike True” - All Units gain a Driving Trait

Medium Weapons: “Press The Advantage” - Forces that lose against you lose two random Units as opposed to one.

Parry: “Steel Upon Steel” - Your Units negate the first non-Ranged attack from enemy Units.

Shields: “Hold The Lines” - All Units gain an Armor Trait

Steady: “Caution in All Things” - Immune to Special Orders such as Taunt, Parlay, or Feint.

Finesse: “Know Your Enemy” - Allows Use of Espionage Order

Grit: “Never Surrender” - Units in Conflict that fall are refreshed at the end of the round with Resilience of 1.  This effect occurs once per Conflict.

Stealth: “They Won’t See Us Coming” - All Units gain Ambusher Trait.

Mobility: “Fleet of Foot” - All Units increase their Speed by 2.

Mining: “Striking From Below” - Forces may move through any Mountain Terrain as if they were Mountain Passes

Forestry: “Masters Of The Wood” - No Penalties in Forests, Units gain an additional Strength in Forests

Mercantile: “We Know Your Price” - Cost of Mercenaries are reduced by 50%

Trapping: “Watch Your Step” - Allows Use of Lay Traps Order

Farming: “The Land Belongs To Us” - 50% Reduction in Supplies needed to feed your Army

Herbalism: “Oak Hearted” - All units gain Stalwart for the first two rounds of Conflict.

Leatherworking: “Our Hide Is Thick” - Light Units automatically gain Well Armored.

Woodworking: “Sculpting The Weapons Of War” - Light Units automatically gain Well Armed.

Metalworking: “Strength In Steel” - Heavy Units automatically gain Well Armored.

Tailoring: “Follow The Banners” - Allow Use of False Flag Order

Mechanics: “The War Machine Marches” - Take no penalty while building Fortifications, allowing them to accept the Fortify order multiple times.

Apothecary: “The Poisoned Knife” - Units automatically cause Despair at the start of combat.

Special Forces:
Asp Archers (Infantry/Light)
Edge Bonus:
Gain an Edge when facing a Force with Despair prior to the combat
Combat Advantage Bonus: Gain Lock-Up, Lock-Up
Move: 2  Str: 1  Res: 5
Traits: Selective Targeting, Driving

Sincerity: “Trust Us” - Allow Use of Feint Order

Intimidate: “Terror Tactics” - All Units gain Intimidating.

Special Forces:
Border Reavers (Cavalry/Light)
Edge Bonus:
Gain an Edge when alone.
Combat Advantage Bonus: Enemy Force randomly changes Formation at the start of the Conflict.
Move: 3  Str: 2 Res: 3
Traits: Ghost, Intimidating

Seduce: “Come At Me” - Allow Use of Provoke Order

Persuade: “Words Best Steel” - Allow Use of Parlay Order

Performance: “Hope Lights Our Path” - Unless the Force has Despair, it always has Hope.

Streetwise: “We Know Your Secrets” - Allow Use of Gather Intel Order

Survival: “We Know The Hidden Ways” - Supply Lines are invisible and may not be raided

Etiquette: “You Have Met Your Match” - Formation will be optimized for every Conflict.

Perception: “Surprise Is Ours Alone” - Forces are always considered Scouting without spending Orders to do so.

Academics: “Know Thyself” - Chaos of Battle is rolled with 3 6-sided Dice and discount the lowest.

Special Forces:
War Mages (Infantry/Light)
Edge Bonus: Gain an Edge on Plains
Combat Advantage Bonus: Gain an additional Chaos of Battle die, if this takes any Chaos of Battle result above 12 then Units receive +3 Strength Bonus.
Move: 2  Str: 4  Res: 3
Traits: Ranged, Driving, Specialist

Liturgy: “Holy Crusade” - Force will never gain Despair.  The Army is immune to certain special effects of Triumvirate Forces.

Special Forces:
Mithrihim Priests (Infantry/Heavy)
Edge Bonus:
Gain an Edge against Heretical Forces.
Combat Advantage Bonus: Upon death, re-enters Formation at end of round at full starting stats (still have penalties from Fatigue and Despair), this may only occur once per combat.
Move: 1 Str: 3  Res: 6
Traits: Armor, Rally, Specialist

Leadership: “Tactical Diversity“ - If your action is being Supported by another Army, you and all other Armies gain the Combat Doctrines of each other.