Character Development

Character Development

Character Development


Don’t you see my pupil. When you kill a man, you not only nullify everything he was, but also everything he will be. Death rings across ages. It is like a savage roar across time. See how you gasp for breath? It is your very future forsaking you. See how it drains out of you into the earth? How, in time, it will leave your body cold and inert? But do not worry, your death shan’t be in vain. I believe deeply in second chances. I shall save you from your fate as simple dust. I will give you a new future; One where you don’t try to betray me.


After character creation, your character is not static.  As he or she develops throughout the course of her adventure in Gothic: the Lion Age, your character will have the opportunity to learn more about herself, gain new skills, overcome character flaws, purchase new abilities and otherwise become a more developed character.  This happens through the acquisition of Experience Points, which can be devoted to different aspects of character improvement.

Explanations of what sorts of things can be purchased with Experience Points appear throughout the game rules, but they are summarized here for ease.


The following are general advantages that apply to any kind of character, and their appropriate costs.

Advantage Experience Cost
New Skill Ranks 2 times the new Skill Rank
Increasing an Attribute to • 5 Experience
Increasing an Attribute to •• 10 Experience
Increasing an Attribute to ••• Awarded Only
Basic Focus 3 Experience, or 1 or 0 with Academics 3 or Higher
Advanced Focus 5 Experience, or 3 with Academics 4 or Higher
New Language 2 Experience, Appropriate Cultural Focus, Downtime
Gain a Perk after Character Creation 2 times the Perk Cost, Appropriate Roleplay
Shed a Flaw after Creation 2 times the Flaw value, Appropriate Roleplay


The following chart relates to specific abilities purchased, and usually grant some new capabilities to the character.

Abilities Experience Cost
Additional Skill use (e.g. Leap, Haggle, Slice, etc) 1 Experience, maximum of 5 uses total
Basic Combat Maneuver 1 Experience
Advanced Combat Maneuver 5 Experience
Arcane Technique 1 Experience, Appropriate Foci
New Arcane Circle 4 times the new Circle spent between Techniques, Promotion
Knight Oath 2 Experience
New Knight Degree New Degree + 1 in Oaths sworn, Promotion
Holy Rite 1 Experience
New Priest Rank 2 times new Rank in Rituals, Promotion
Paladin Powers 5 times their Tier



Characters earn experience points based on the amount of experience they have already earned, including Flaws.  Characters earn more experience at the beginning of their career than at the end for attendance.  Since Flaw experience counts toward this track, taking a large amount of flaws only moves you forward along the timeline.

Up to 35 XP:  4 per event
Up to 65 XP:  3 per event
Up to 90 XP: 2 per event
After 90 XP: 1 per event

Experience earned from Feasts, Character Writing, and Instruction do not count against this total for the purposes of advancing through the timeline.


You may also earn experience points for your character by posting a meaningful character story on the official Gothic Forums.  Posts can be either close-ended personal stories such as about your character’s feelings, history, memories, personality, or ongoing events, or they can be online public role-play between your character and others.  The basic requirement to earn additional Experience Points for this activity is that your character’s depth be enriched through the process – that both you as your character’s player and the storytelling Staff learn something about your character that we did not know before the writing.

You may earn 1 Experience Point per Downtime period that you create such a post for the first 4 Downtimes you are in play.  After that, you may continue to earn 1 Experience Point in this way every two Downtimes and writings.  These can be caught up with afterward if writing these far into the character’s life, but Experience Points won’t be awarded ahead of this schedule.

Characters with over 90 XP cannot earn experience from Character Writing.


Partaking of a Feast in game, an item created with expensive in-game ingredients and special skill, can award your character one extra Experience Point per game session.  The Spices required to create a Feast are expensive, and an actual feast with served food must be performed in-game and eaten.  Because of the excellent nutrition that being so well-fed provides, characters who Feast are awarded 1 extra Experience Point at the end of the game session.  See Items and Materials for more information on Feasts and other items.