Calls and Conditions


Calls & Conditions

Calls & Conditions

Conditions and Calls


While there are many abilities and techniques that can add combat capabilities to a character, there are a limited number of effects that can be applied to your character so that it is easier to remember what does what.

The following are calls that may occur during a combat, and should be memorized to make combat go smoothly.


Target loses consciousness, falling to the ground, unable to act.
Resolution:  At the end of 2 minutes, the character regains consciousness. 

Effect: Target begins bleeding profusely from the struck location.
Resolution: At the end of 1 minute, the target will be Downed. The target (or another character) may place a hand over the injury, which suspends the time as long as the hand remains there. Bleeding stops on Rest.

DEFENSE (Specific)
Effect: Defense calls come from various sources, such as Parry, Dodge, Armor, Toughness, Discipline, and others, but all essentially function the same way when the conditions allow them to be effective. The otherwise successful attempt to injure, influence or otherwise affect the character is foiled.
Resolution: Immediate

Effect: The target is forced backward.
Resolution: Take one step back.

Effect: Can take no actions, cannot move.
Resolution: Touch both knees and both hands (or weapon hilts) to the ground.

Effect: The affected limb suffers a traumatic hit and goes limp from pain or numbness, effectively treating it as if it had been Injured.  Pain cannot "Down" an opponent.
Resolution: After 10 seconds, Pain subsides.

Effect: The target has been poisoned by some means, whether by a coated blade or some other method.
Resolution: Tear the item card for the poison and hand it to the target. Most poisons have a delay before they take effect.

Effect:  The character is thrown head over heels in the direction pointed.  He flies 10 feet if he hits no particular object.  If he collides with something dangerous looking, like a long fall, something obviously sharp like a coatrack, a big rock, cutlery, or another character holding a weapon or in Heavy Armor, the thrower may call Mighty Strike on the person they threw, and knockdown on any other character he hits.  The thrown character gains Knockdown at the end of the distance.
Resolution: Take damage if applicable, stand up from Knockdown.

Target takes a hit to the chest, unless a specific location is specified (such as "leg strike").  Strike may sometimes be accompanied by Perk calls such as "Quick Strike", and sometimes uses pointing to indicate the target of the Strike.  Strikes always favor the defender for specific location, and can be stopped with Armor if there is armor anywhere on the struck location.
Resolution:  Take damage or call a valid defensive skill.

Effect:  Stunned opponents cannot successfully attack or use Steady, but may defend physically, with Parry and Dodge, and may take walking steps backward.
Resolution: Place one hand on your forehead to indicate Stun.  Stun lasts for 10 seconds.  Helmets and other headgear make one resistant or immune to Stun.

Effect: The target may only walk, and not perform any maneuver or ability that requires exceptional movement, such as Escape, Leap, Evasion, Tumble, or Dodge.
Resolution: The effect ends upon Rest.


The following calls come up more rarely than other calls, and are usually part of a supernatural effect of some kind.

Effect: The effect used is exceptionally more effective than ordinary, and requires greater defense expenditures to counter. "Power" alone indicates 1 extra defense is needed, while "Power 2" indicates 2 extra are needed, "Power 3" indicates 3 extra are needed and so on.  Any number listed after an effect, such as "Fire 3" indicates Power being used.  While uncommon, some effects may be spoken as "Fear 2" or "Stun 2" which indicates that that particular use of that call is very difficult to resist, requiring more Defenses than usual, per normal.

Power used before a Skill or Ability call such as "Power Leap" or "Power Escape" indicates that because of some special power or ability, the listed game rule is being invoked, but it is superior in some way to normal, such as a Leap that goes extra far, or an Escape that can be used at close distance.  This indicates to others that the user did not misunderstand or misuse the listed game mechanic, and also that onlookers just saw something fairly amazing and unnatural. 

Resolution: Target spends additional defenses to successfully stop the attack or receives the effect.

OBEY: (Action)
Effect: The subject must immediately do the action prescribed to the best of their ability.
Subject spends Discipline, completes the action, or receives another Obey command.



The following are conditions which apply some effect to the character. Very occasionally, they may be used as a call themselves in combat to indicate that the subject is now under that condition.

Effect: The subject feels uneasy and is expecting danger, watching hard down likely attack approaches with a heightened state of alertness. She may call Defenses against attacks from Stealth, cannot be Assassinated, and while they cannot actually see or identify the threat, they may leave the area or react accordingly.

This condition may not be given to others simply by telling them or by being in a generally dangerous circumstance.
Resolution: End of scene

Effect: All Skills limited by character's Grit level.
Resolution: Full recovery, usually during the Downtime.

Effect: Target loses consciousness.
Resolution: Target will awake again after 2 minutes.

Effect: The subject gains Despair, which reduces the effective levels of all Skills by 1.
Resolution: Various rigorous means; see Hope in Despair in this chapter.

Effect: Target is grievously injured and is dying. They may not move, fight, or speak, but can cry out, groan, and moan if they wish.
Resolution: The character will die after 5 minutes. A conscious character can place their hands upon the wounds with pressure for 5 minutes to restore the character to Battered.

Effect: Total exhaustion, sickness, or some other ailment means that normal Resting is impossible.
Resolution: 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep or time lying in bed.

Effect: Cannot perform Maneuvers, channel magic, cast spells, use Paladin powers, perform rituals or any similar abilities.
Resolution: Spend Discipline or combat ends.

Effect: The subject gains Hope, which can be spent to increase a Skill you already possess by one rank for a single contained use.  
Resolution: Upon being spent, or an hour passes.

The affected limb is useless, unable to hold anything in the hands, or bear any weight at all in the legs.  
Resolution:  Natural healing over the Downtime period.


There are some special conditions that only affect the process spellcasting.  These are usually the result of specific Techniques that cause them in order to disrupt enemy Magicians, though they can be the result of other events, including Anacrusis.

Effect: The Magician finds it extremely difficult to gather and control the power necessary to complete spellcasting.  She is unable to perform any spellcasting while this Condition persists.  Existing spells continue to function as normal until their Duration elapses.
Resolution: Rest

Effect: The Magician's magical powers are wild and uncontrolled.  Every spell she casts provokes 1 Maelstrom die upon successful casting.
Resolution: Rest

Effect: The Magician's mind recoils in fear and terror whenever it is threatened, every sensation becoming more intense.  Whenever she takes an action that provokes a Maelstrom die, she is Stunned.  If the effect would cause her to take more than one die, she is Stunned that many times in succession.
Resolution: Rest

Effect: The Magician's mind is left in tatters and burned out.  The Magician's Acuity is lowered by 5.  This effect is cumulative. 
Resolution: 6 Hours of Sleep or bedrest