Basic Maneuvers

Advanced Combat

Advanced Combat



ThomasGothicCombat is more complicated than simple attacks and defenses. In addition to gaining combat skill in a certain weapon, a character can also begin to spend experience to purchase combat maneuvers. These special attacks add some sort of advantage to your attack method, but typically have some kind of drawback or take extra time to perform due to their additional complexity.

Maneuvers have a single use per combat, refreshing with all other calls at Rest. Some maneuvers give a passive benefit, adding a new capability that is always on.

Basic maneuvers are any set of moves that may be trained in with little outside input simply by watching or experiencing first hand, the rigors of combat. Whether or not the execution remains amateur depends on the skill of the character. These skills typically don't require a teacher and can be learned and even perfected with practice alone. Each one of these techniques costs 1 Experience Point.

Basic Maneuvers can be bought freely as long as you possess the experience, but can be restricted from use in some cases. When holding a weapon you have not unlocked maneuvers with (Skill level 3), you are not able to perform them because wielding the weapon is too distracting. 

Passive Ability
By placing your hand on an adjacent ally and expending Steady, your ally gains the benefit in your place.

Passive Ability
Point at your opponent and take no other offensive action, or defensive call, or move, for at least five seconds; your next melee attack gains the perk of your choice for one attack. You may pivot, but if you move from your spot you lose effect. You may only Await one opponent.

After declaring a "Parry" you can mime a backhand and call "Stun"

Body Check
Passive Ability
You can interpose your body to check, shove, and shoulder your opponents. You may use Parry defensive calls while unarmed.

Brutal Intercept
Charge and add Mighty to your attack once. The attack must happen at a full run. Not compatible with Lightning Dash.

Against a Stunned opponent, you may throw a weapon with the "Thrown" perk to apply Knockdown to that opponent.

Dirty Fighting
Mime grabbing dirt off the ground, after which you may throw an "Earth" spell packet at your opponent. If it hits, the opponent is Stunned.

Strike the opponents weapon and call "Disarm." Your opponent must drop weapon immediately. This may not be used against shields or a weapon wielded in two hands.

Face Smash
Passive Ability
The other guy's face and a handy rock make a grisly pair. With a little time, you can line up for a final strike, no matter what you wield. You may use a Subduing weapon or simply the heel of your boot to perform a Death-strike. A full helm protects against this.

Falcon Strike
Passive Ability
Like a bird of prey, your reflexes allow you to snatch things out of mid air. You may physically parry arrows and thrown weapons with drawn weapon, or use the Parry call against them.

Freedom Fighter
Passive Ability
You are excellent at squirming out of a dogpile. When being grappled by multiple opponents, each opponent must cancel your attempts to escape to prevent you from escaping each time you attempt it.

Gentle Thunder
Passive Ability
By taking double the time during your reload, you may remove the Stun from your next firearms attack as you carefully measure out only the minimum amount of black powder to make your shot.

Great Divide
When wielding a Medium or Heavy Weapon in two hands, and raising your weapon above your head for five seconds, like in a deathstrike, you may add Quick and Driving to your attack.

When significantly higher up than an opponent, such as using Climb, you may call Leap and perform a jumping attack on your opponent, attacking once Leap has ended.  If the hit lands, it gains Driving and Mighty.

Head Butt
When in a grapple, by miming a head butt and grunting you may Knockback the opponent and break the grapple immediately. A full helm protects against this effect.

You know how to strike for pain, even if injury is prevented. When striking a limb, if "Parry" or "Armor" is used as a defense, you may deliver Pain, temporarily disabling the struck limb.

Hip Kick
You know how to capitalize on a staggering opponent. Mime a kick, and Knockdown a Stunned opponent

Hold the Line
Passive Ability
If you do not take any steps from your spot for 10 seconds you gain a free use of "Parry". Continuing to stay in the position refreshes that Parry to a maximum of 1 free "Parry".

Gain one free Dodge while performing a sudden advance on a weapon that is longer than yours. Cannot be used when Dodge is restricted.

You can switch the grip on your weapon to maximize it's defensive capabilities. Reverse the grip on your weapon, such that the blade is pointed down, and gain 1 free call of "Parry".

Passive Ability
You can make quick, hard jabs and make them count. Your Brawl abilities gain the Quick Perk.  This is not compatible with Strongarm.

Joint Lock
You can trap your opponents arm against their own nerve and put them in a precarious position. If you meet all the requirements to do so you may immediately call "Grab" after you call a Parry while unarmed.

Kip Up
Passive Ability
Your flexibility and balance allows you to recover quickly from knockdowns. This reduces effect of Knockdown to only needing to apply one knee and one hand to the ground.

Take Aim
Passive Ability
With a careful aim you may deliver a deadly shot with a ranged weapon.  After aiming for 5 seconds, you may add Power or Driving to your attack as you aim for weak points in both flesh and steel.

Shoot to Wound
You may shoot a target with a ranged weapon in a fleshy area that is more painful than lethal.  If your shot strikes the torso, the target is Stunned.  If the shot hits a limb, that limb is stricken with Pain.  Call the appropriate effect to where the hit lands.  This occurs even if the damage is negated with Dodge, so long as the shot physically landed.

During a hit where you cause damage or hit an already Injured limb, you may call "Bleed" and they gain the Bleeding effect. Toughness may be called to ignore the damage, but the Bleeding effect still occurs.

Lightning Dash
Charge and add Quick to your attack once. The attack must happen at a full run. Not compatible with Brutal Intercept.

Passive Ability
When performing a deathstrike with a light weapon you may ignore the five count and simply slit their throat.  This prevents the target from speaking a Last Breath.

You know how to yank your opponent onto your weapon and forcibly expose the weak points in their armor. The first weapon attack used in a grapple gains Driving.

Passive Ability
You are excellent at keeping people where you put them. Once grapple is established, your attempts to keep your opponent in your hold gain Power.

Pommel Punch
Passive Ability  - requires safe pommel on weapon
You know how to tuck and smash your weapons into your foe to great effect as if they were your own hands, and lock your opponent's weapons to tangle them. You may use your Brawl abilities while holding a weapon in your hands by touching the pommel of the weapon to the target as you would normally place your empty hand.  This requires a combat safe pommel.

Power Swing
You may use a Medium or Heavy Weapon in two hands and take a mighty swing. You may add Mighty and Driving to a single attack but are thrown off balance and take a Knockdown effect immediately.

Passive Ability  - requires safe pommel on weapon
You can change your grip on a weapon to strike your opponent with the flat of the blade or pommel. This allows you to strike your opponent in a grapple with the pommel of a medium or heavy weapon. The weapon gains the Subduing Flaw.

Second Skin
(Requires Dodge Skill of 1 or higher)
Taking extra time to check and fit every buckle and joint, you can get your armor to fit you perfectly and know how to move with its weight. You may use a single Dodge while wearing medium or heavy armor.

Shield Edge
Immediately after taking a hit to the shield you can call one free "Shield Bash" Knockdown as per Shields ability.

Shield Pin
If an opponent blocks your melee attack with a shield, you may call "Grab" and initiate a grapple. The weapon used in the initial attack may not be used in the grapple and may not be dropped.

Passive Ability
Your attacks have considerable force, and you know how to land them for maximum effect. Your Brawl abilities gain the Mighty Perk.  This is not compatible with Jabs.

Passive Ability
You can use your weapon somewhat other than its intended way to stun rather than injure. You may add Subduing to your weapon at any time. If available and safe, the blow should comes from the flat of the blade along with a call of "Subduing".

Strike your opponent's weapon with a Sundering weapon and call "Sunder." The weapon is destroyed and may not be used until repaired. It requires a Steel weapon to sunder other Steel weapons.

Sword Cross
Passive Ability
If your weapon and the opponent's weapon lock together in combat, you may use the "Beat" ability as per Medium Weapons skill to press your opponent for that Clash.

Throw Off
Passive Ability
You are an expert in slipping free from others, able to leverage your body better than most. When attempting to escape grapples, your Brawl uses gain Power.

Passive Ability
Allows player to take a tumble (where at least a shoulder and back hit the ground once) instead of the normal prerequisites for a Knockdown.

Weapon Coordination
Passive Ability
You can manage the control and dynamics of two weapons at once, allowing you to wield one in each hand. You must be capable of using Basic Maneuvers for both weapons.

You can wring the life out of someone who is in your power.  If you are able to hold a grapple uncontested for 15 seconds, you can call "Black Out" on your opponent, causing them to lose consciousness for 2 minutes.

Rip Shot
A hunter usually wants to kill cleanly, but this isn't always an option.  You know where to shoot that will cause the target to bleed and keep bleeding, taking the Bleed condition if the shot physically lands, even if the target calls Dodge or Parry.