Megan Durham

Patch 1.15

Patch 1.15 Character Creation – The Gutter social class is now called “Scum” instead of Gutter. This is to make them easier to talk about as saying “that guy is a gutter” is grammatically strange. Now you can say “That guy is Hestrali scum.” – Every Culture now has a […]

Patch 1.14

Hail, my champions. Patch 1.14 This patch deals primarily with Academics and Foci. The entirely open-ended system of Foci, while creative and fun, had grown to the point of being no longer sustainable by Staff because of the sheer number of proposals of custom powers and also the overall confusion […]

Patch 1.13a

Patch 1.13a This is the first part of the new patch. I wanted to get some of this out earlier because I know people are working on characters and I want to make sure some important changes got out earlier. I will try to get the rest of the things […]

Patch 1.12

Patch 1.12 Hello everyone. Thank you for your patience on the patch being a little after deadline. With such a short break between this game and last, I know we’re all scrambling. ~~Combat~~ Clarified that a pistol can be used in a Grapple, such as in the classic hostage scenario. […]

Patch 1.11

Patch 1.11 Apologies that this is so late. I wanted to do more, and I wanted to release sooner, but alas. Real life has been especially uncooperative. -The Curse Flaw is now 1-3 points instead of 1-7. Existing characters are grandathered. -Gothic Culture loses Mechanics as an option, gains Medium […]

Patch 1.10

Patch 1.10 This is a large patch. For the sake of Staff, please keep any re-writes based on these changes to emergency only until after this game as we already have many characters that we are still in the process of working with. ADMIN – The Code of Conduct is […]

Patch 1.10a

Patch 1.10a As part of this upcoming patch 1.10 (still incoming), we are moving to a new Experience Point system. Characters earn experience points based on the amount of experience they have already earned, including Flaws. Characters earn more experience at the beginning of their career than at the end […]