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Gothic: The Lion Age is a game of important decisions and how those decisions affect others.  Combat is meaningful, costs are personal, and characters are always being given the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Join others and create a character that is embedded into a richly designed setting.  Participate in a story that is personal and part of an ongoing narrative between other characters and your own at our monthly events.




Welcome – Die Together



Gothic:  The Lion Age is not only a game about combat, but rather, an attempt to make a thriving community inside the walls of a cursed city.  Combat has its place, and professional soldiers and fighters will see much use, but they do so on behalf of the multitude of other characters, great and small, who make their equipment, fill their bellies, extract their metal, and pay their wages.

Orders of priests study the Shrine within the wall, and support the holy warriors and the pilgrims that have come to the city to worship the Miracle here.

Nobles and Knight Orders arrive to keep the peace between factions. Hoping that one side does not erupt in to violence and throw the entire Throne out of balance over the power of the Shrine, or even threaten the Emperor himself, while some even among their own number try to do just that for their own purposes.


The Mage guilds study the effects of the Miracle, hoping to be the first guild to unlock its true power for their own group, while making a tidy profit in the meantime from all the various troubles of the region.

Average people come as pilgrims and tradesmen, hoping to make a new life here in the shadows of the walls, from cutthroat mercenaries smelling the blood money from a hundred leagues away, to hard-working miners, farmers, trappers, and other laborers who just want to get by or to support their lawful lords or the church.

And furthermore, the events of The City of Stragosa and its Miracle have attracted darker powers - Heretics, Necromancers, Witches, and all manner of Anathema have their reasons for wanting this place, and the curses that destroyed Stragosa in the first place are still mighty and present.  The ancient unpunished evils of the city beg to be avenged, or avenge themselves upon whomever they can...

Welcome – The Throne


The game setting has a rich history and is delivered to the players in easily digestible packets of information that is relevant to the character that you are playing, based on your character's Culture and Social Class.

Players take the role of human men and women who are the peasants, gutter-trash, merchants and nobility of the Throne of God on Earth, a highly dogmatic religious empire built on faith that humanity is the only perfect race, and that its destiny is to inherit the world, step by bloody step.

A Miracle occurred in a forgotten barony called Stragosa, scoured from all records.  The righteous dead rose back to true life, and the church has demanded that the city be retaken and secured.  The possibility of immortality have driven the nobility to a political frenzy and in order to prevent all out civil war over the site, the Emperor has declared Stragosa a site of his special attention.